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A leading company with sixty years of history, currently pursuing the path of evolution to meet the new technological challenges of the lighting world. Disano's style consists of quality, products made in Italy, constant investment in research and careful attention to design details. Disano is an Italian company that has been in business for over half a century, offering high quality and state-of-the-art products to the widest possible market. Since its establishment in 1957, Disano illuminazione has never stopped growing and expanding its production, technology and business, developing into a leading company in Italy and one of the top brands in Europe. The Italian head office, with a large and modern showroom, is situated in Milan’s industrial area at Rozzano, near a highly advanced and entirely automated logistics and manufacturing site in Dorno (Pavia). The Disano group also includes Illumination Disano, headquartered in Tarragona, Spain and Disano France with offices in High Savoy. In addition, several local agencies, such as Disano Russia, Disano Middle East, Disano India, Disano Portugal, Disano Polska, Disano Adria, Disano Rep. Ceka and several business partners distribute products in all countries of Europe and many regions of Africa, Asia and Australia. The wide range of luminaires manufactured by Disano, a major brand in the street, industrial and retail lighting industry has been completely redesigned to obtain the best performances from the new LED sources.

Disano’s catalogues contain a very wide choice of luminaires to meet all the needs of exterior and interior lighting designers, including luminaires with the new LED sources.

  • lighting for cities and streets
  • lighting for industrial areas and offices
  • lighting for stores and shopping areas
  • lighting for sports facilities
  • lighting for hospitals and emergency lighting
  • lighting for homes

Fosnova is a member company of the Disano group that develops lighting fixtures for prestigious interiors and design solutions. In particular, it specialises in the development of spotlights and downlighters for the lighting of historic buildings, major exhibition halls and elegant open spaces, as well as showrooms and stores, enabling architects and designers to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the most technologically advanced solutions available on the market. Disano and Fosnova lighting fixtures use latest generation light sources, white light

and LEDs designed to incorporate all lighting control and management systems, including presence detectors and wireless remote controllers. Disano illuminazione believes in the values of sustainability and environmental protection; it uses recyclable materials and has invested in the reduction of the environmental impact associated with the entire manufacturing cycle.

Manufacturing technology advancements, excellent innovative development, stringent controls on all business procedures and processes, rigorous product quality controls and the development of sophisticated software for lighting design measurements have enabled Disano to implement the CSQ IQNET-Vision 2015 quality management system pursuant to UNI EN ISO9001-Vision 2008 (design, manufacturing and sales of lighting fixtures and accessories).

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