Add-on for ReluxDesktop

RELUX members provide a large number of luminaires and sensors for planning purposes free of charge. ReluxThirdParty enables you to compile your complete project using products from third party suppliers, i.e. non-RELUX members.



Plan with non-member products

With the ReluxThirdParty licence, the following functions are activated for planning with third-party products:

  • Display of product name

  • 3D real-time rendering powered by Enscape

  • Product modification

  • Full data sheet

  • Project printout without superimposed text

Detailed explanation of ReluxThirdParty licence

Please note that this license is not required if you work in one of the following ReluxDesktop+ applications ReluxTunnel, ReluxEnergyCH, ReluxObtrusiveLight or the add-ons ReluxCAD for Revit, ReluxCAD for AutoCAD and ReluxTinLine Plan.


Which licence do I need and how do I install it?