Street lighting and dynamic planning in outdoor projects


Street lighting for “beginners”:
ReluxDesktop offers new functions for street lighting. You can now define roads with a different number of lanes. An optimisation function calculates the optimum selection of the luminaire type, the mast spacing, the mast height and the angle of a luminaire. Let yourself be inspired in the corresponding tutorial!
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Road and exterior lighting for “professionals”:
Faster, simpler and more transparent. Dynamic planning is ideal for illuminations, squares, special road sections and exterior projects in general. The linked tutorial shows how you can efficiently place a measuring area and a row of luminaires along a winding road on a CAD plan of Berlin and then optimise this with the aid of dynamic planning.
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A third tutorial demonstrates dynamic planning in general, shows you how to perform dimming and make colour changes to the RGB values of luminaires, and also explains the output options.
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