The Energy Certificate to SIA 387/4 is there!


ReluxEnergyCH for SIA 387/4

ReluxEnergyCH to SIA Standard 387/4:2017 replaces the previous SIA Standard 380/4:2006 Electric energy in buildings (“Elektrische Energie im Hochbau”).


  • In the new Minergiestandard:2017
  • In the new model regulations of the cantons (MuKEn) in the energy field
  • For the grant schemes run by BFE and Prokilowatt (EffeLed+, Minus60, plus others)
Transitional provisions:
  • SIA 387/4 is valid as of 1 May 2017 and replaces the lighting section of the former SIA standard 380/4.
  • Minergie is allowing a transitional period up until the end of 2017. During this period, it is possible to use both tools (SIA 380/4 and SIA 387/4). As of 2018, however, only SIA 387/4 is permitted.
  • Energy legislation differs from canton to canton. the cantonal energy agencies will provide information on this. An agency address list is available at 
The fundamental structures (including the calculation and the presentation of the energy balance) of standard  SIA 387/4:2017 largely correspond to those of SIA 380/4 to date.

What is different?

Energy requirements:

  • In main usable areas (office, classroom, sales premises, etc.): tightening by approx. 30%
  • In traffic areas and areas for ancillary use: tightening by approx. 50%
  • In “problematic” areas of use (care, catering, hotels):  no tightening

Modified influencing factors:

  • Specification for sun shading: type of curtain and control
  • Specification for lighting control: presence and daylight
  • Simplification of exterior shading
  • Further small changes

New hourly method:

Alongside the standard calculation procedure, a new, additional method has been introduced for calculating the energy requirements in hourly increments. This method is used in complex simulations for highly engineered and air-conditioned buildings.

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