ReluxDesktop 2020.1 is now available for download

ReluxDesktop 2020.1 is now available for download


It was worth the wait! ReluxDesktop 2020.1 is now available for download 

What are you waiting for? Download ReluxDesktop 2020! 

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Geo Location - TEST 

A large number of lighting planners working on outdoor lighting, sports facilities, big halls or churches take screenshots of maps in the satellite view and add these as a background in Relux. This step has now been considerably shortened in the new Relux version. Users will be able to load a suitable map (satellite or hybrid maps) for the project directly into Relux as a background. The scaling and application of north, or the rotation of the map, are synchronised with the project parameters and can also be continuously adjusted during the project.

The loading and moving of such card information is done by an external service provider. For an optimal service we need your feedback here. Please pay attention to our survey about this topic when creating a new project.


PDF Import 

Wasn’t that always possible? No, not really. Up until now, PDFs have always had to be imported into Relux as a pixel image. It will now be possible to import PDFs directly, with the PDF automatically being converted into DXF and vectorised in the process. Whatever the content of the PDF, vectors or pixel images, everything will be converted into vectors in a CAD file and shown as a CAD background in Relux. The converted DXF will be copied alongside its original PDF and will also be available outside of Relux.

Isolux lines and pseudo colours on the reference plane 

The illuminance values of the reference plane are displayed in a greatly-improved manner and much more comprehensively in the next version. Isolux lines in black-and-white or colour, and also pseudo colours, can be displayed directly in the CAD view.

The values can then be checked clearly and conveniently directly in the scene, together with all the backgrounds. The new display options are also visible in the output.


Spectral data representation / IES-XML 

The new XML-based photometric data format IES can now be used in Relux. This is standardised to ANSI/IES TM-33-18 and UNI 11733:2019.

Apart from the LDC, further characteristics, including the light spectrum, can be transmitted with the new format.

With the new IES format based on XML it is now also possible to import the light spectra of luminaires into Relux.

In the next version, a spectral representation is also included on the data sheet for luminaires in cases where a spectrum is available.


Result Tab 

All the results are shown in the Results tab of the standard view immediately they have been calculated. It is no longer necessary to switch to the output view to see the calculation results.

All the measuring areas and measuring points are clearly displayed with all their values.


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