MASTER UPDATE – the unique solution for electrical and lighting planners

MASTER UPDATE – the unique solution for electrical and lighting planners


Dear Users,

RELUX has a large number of exciting innovations in store for you in 2020. New, smart functions have been implemented in ReluxCAD for Revit, allowing projects to be planned to BIM standards in a straightforward and time-saving manner. Linking freely available, neutral components from Building 360 with real products from ReluxNET, makes it possible to realistically determine quantities in advance, without users having to restrict their own processes in any way. 

See for yourself – test the latest version free of charge for 30 days. 

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At last – and ONLY at RELUX: 

The new version allows you to link any Revit Family files (RFA) with real products in ReluxNet. 

The linked product can then be used for the lighting calculation while your original luminaire model is still retained in the Revit project. 

The detailed procedure is as follows: The required number of luminaires is calculated in the ZonalCavity Tool on the basis of the linked product, while your original luminaire is still kept in the Revit project.

During the export to Relux it is the real products that are exported. This enables you to conduct a lighting calculation in Relux and make further adjustments to the positions, number or type of luminaires. 

When the Relux project is imported into the Revit project again, the original luminaire models are put in place rather than the real products. 

In this way, we have made it possible for you to use your own Revit Family files or generic models from other sources while still being able to benefit from the advantages of ReluxCAD for Revit.

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