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ReluxObtrusiveLight – New Add-on for ReluxDesktop 2024.2

Light emission, also known as light pollution, is becoming an concerning issue in our modern world. The excessive and disorganized illumination of streets, buildings, and public spaces has a significant impact on our health and environment. Animals are also affected,  with their sleep and biological rhythms getting neglected.

As an experienced lighting planner, your know-how can significantly help in reducing light pollution. Not only suitable planning, but the regulation of outdoor lighting and the use of dedicated luminaires can reduce factors like glare and light smog. Utilize ReluxObtrusiveLight, the new Add-on for ReluxDesktop to calculate the k-value, indicating light emission direction and its effects on the environment. You can acquire the license in our shop.

New name and new powerful features

The popular product ReluxkCalc has been completely renewed and expanded with numerous evaluation functions and is now available as ObtrusiveLight. The following features can be easily calculated with the software:

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The new evaluation tools at a glance

UFR calculation with visual as a light dome

The UFR value represents a holistic approach to assess light pollution. This value considers the ULR value and the additional reflective luminous flux on the adjacent surfaces or buildings. In addition to the calculation output, the UFR value is also displayed as a visual light dome and the coloured scaling makes it easier to quantify the achieved value.

Calculate measuring areas

Vertical measuring surfaces are placed directly on buildings or window surfaces. This is a prerequisite for determining the permissible vertical illuminance and the permissible luminance on buildings.

Calculating luminous intensity

Luminous intensity points, which evaluate the glare of the luminaire in the direction of the observer, are set at positions that represent the observer. Mostly on buildings or window levels.


The glare value ks. In short, the K values for assessing the psychological glare effect of a light source are determined by placing luminous intensity evaluation points. Especially standard LAI 2017 and the ÖNORM are important.

More information on the new features


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How does the calculation of light emission work?
Watch the German video


Download ReluxDesktop

Update to the latest version of ReluxDesktop and try out the latest features, such as those of ReluxObtrusiveLight.


A simple explanation of light emission
Image source: IG Strassenlicht

Interesting articles about light pollution
Articles only available in German

Broschüre "Unerwünschte Lichtemissionen" von
[Download Broschüre "Unerwünschte Lichtemissionen" als PDF]
zum Ratgeber auf der Website

Berechnungen zur Blendung (k-Werte) bei
Beleuchtungen von Fussball- und Tennisplätzen
[Dokument der LICHTPLAN GMBH im Auftrag des Bundesamtes für Umwelt PDF]


Masterarbeit Umwelttechnik und -management –
Lichtemissionen von SBB Bahnhöfen: Bedeutung, Handlungsfelder, Lösungsansätze, 
Studie MAS Thesis 2021/22, Andreas Heller, FHNW
Lichtimmissionen von SBB Bahnhöfen [Link zum PDF]
Wir veröffentlichen diese Arbeit mit Einverständnis des Autoren und als unabhängige Äusserung des Autoren.


Dark-Sky Switzerland

ReluxObtrusiveLight / New Add-on
Relux Informatik AG, Rafael Wagner 13 June, 2024
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