Release notes ReluxDesktop




          IFC Import [BETA].
          Drag & drop import support for 3d objects.
          Automatic reference rho for newly placed measuring surface, if a surface is nearby.


          False color rate in daylight result overview.
          Bug in flux calculation for IES files with absolute photometry and variable angle distances.
          Refresh of result point numbers after changing the font size.
          Update problem in product selector, when changing name and symbol.
          Wrong correction of luminous width dimension when importing certain luminaires.
          GLDF: Wrong type assignment for combination luminaires consisting of only sensors.
          Check for luminaire dimensions when editing properties in the product selector.
          Missing update of geolocation data for daylight calculations.
          Rei grid for wide single lane roads.
          ReluxStreet: Update problems in automatic calculation mode.
          ReluxStreet: Fixed Rei grid for extreme wide single lane roads
          Obtrusive Light: Environment list was filled multiple times. Size of drop down menu.




          Real-time Rendering: Option to save screen capture settings as default for new scenes.


          Change of the emergency sign type also changes the emergency sign type of all placed luminaires.


          Encoding issues in EULUMDAT, IES & GLDF import.
          Non-working video creation of scene animations.
          Broken luminaire symbol after editing the luminaire type.
          GLDF/L3D: materials were imported wrongly.
          GLDF/L3D: geometries consisting of faces with variable vertex count were not supported.
          Obtrusive Light: Minor issues in the printout of ULR and UFR.




          Eulumdat/IES/GLDF import issues

          Import encoding issues 




          Saving window placement and resizing of the product configuration dialog.


          Bigger product databases lead to “Out of memory exception”.
          Missing RUG RG, Ev table output for task areas.
          Wrong materials and dimensions of soccer and tennis field.
          Crash when printer ran out of paper.
          Rotation of objects within rotated groups.
          Real-time Rendering: special case where light emitter doesn't have mesh geometry.
          Real-time Rendering: non-working mesh optimization option.
          Handle UNICODE manufacturer names.
          Crash when loading a GLDF product twice.
          Transfer of emergency sign settings from product library to all placed luminaires of the same type.




                  Scattered values of illuminance results in table view.
                  Visible UFR false color legend in print preview of 3d false colors and 3d mountain.
                  Visible UFR false color legend in print preview of floor plan.
                  Luminous intensity points could not be calculated in interior rooms.
                  Crash when trying to group luminous intensity points.
                  L3D: Wrong luminous dimensions in lighting calculations.
                  Tight and unorderly obtrusive light output table format.




                  GLDF Datasheet
                  Obtrusive Light calculation according to CIE 150, LAI, EN 12464-2, EN 12193, ÖNORM O 1052, NSVV.
                  UFR sphere visualization and 3D volume calculation clouds.
                  Option to set base luminance for standard calculation results.
                  Object snap when moving objects.
                  Vertical measure areas & adjustment.


                  Login problem with passwords containing colon.
                  Sensxml: Crash when trying to drag & drop a file into the program.
                  L3D: Mismatch in luminous length/width interpretation.
                  Crash when trying to delete a third party product in the product selector.
                  Missing rotation for height offset of rotated measuring plane.
                  Crash when trying to change default materials in settings dialog.
                  Standard calculation: Missing luminaires for pedestrian crossing group.
                  Crash when trying to replace a combination luminaire in the luminaire list.
                  Rounding problem with uniformities.
                  ReluxStreet: Street would not display correctly.
                  Non-applied ldc rotation for L3D files in RolfI.
                  DWG Export: Product pictures export did not work.
                  Maintenance dialog: Size of the text boxes was too small.
                  ReluxStreet: Type “motorized” for border areas with M classes was not used.
                  Utilization handling.
                  Properties of luminous intensity points.




                  Column sorting on cad plan layer list property page.
                  Placeholder for automated luminaire labelling with %d for the luminaire number.


                  Handle number of lamps from photometry import correctly.
                  Update of wall elements after editing the additional geometry.
                  Linked measuring surface of sport areas update correctly now.
                  Alignment of doors.
                  "Print 3d object" option for result overview.
                  Real-time Rendering: Session could not be started due to export ies file names being too long.
                  Crash for sensors having no real ldc/sensXML file assignment.
                  Missing update of luminaire data output tree after undo/redo action.
                  Falsely tagged luminaires as third-party products after undo/redo action.
                  Crash caused by storey/scene id collisions when trying to add a new scene.
                  ReluxEnergyCH: update French translation.
                  GLDF: crash when reading GLDF file with r3d geometry.
                  Crash when importing .r3d luminaire geometry file using 3D import.
                  Added missing emergency in ROLFII.
                  Make photometric import more robust to unexpected input .




                  ReluxCAD for AutoCAD: support for AutoCAD 2025.


                  AnyDesk client 7.0.15.
                  Set insert point of soccer field measure area to left down front.


                  Improve L3D support in RolfI files.
                  Handle input value written as exponential in EULUMDAT.
                  Handle negative number of lamps in EULUMDAT.
                  Flux calculation bug for certain IES files.
                  Crash when trying to replace a combination luminaire through the luminaire list.
                  Changes to the photometric centre had an impact on the rotation.
                  Fix Customize Ribbon & Quick Access Toolbar reversed selection.
                  Change from floor to single room does not switch project combo box.




                  Export to DWG: Room and wall labels now are on a separate layer.


                  LDC Import: Invalid conversion factors are corrected.


                  Fix the update of the evaluation areas linked to a room when room vertices are removed.
                  Story overview now uses the same result as overview.
                  Crash when trying to undo the first action in a duplicated scene.
                  Real-time rendering: Incorrect light distribution for some luminaires of manufacturer SLV.
                  Performance problem when navigating in a project consisting of many scenes.




                  Improved support for GLDF luminaires in the product selector.
                  Real-time rendering: Missing indirect light distribution for some luminaires.
                  Missing check for incorrect photometric dimensions when importing ldc files.
                  Crash when trying to use ROLFII files having embedded data files.




                  Option for removing emergency sign in property list for luminaires.


                  GLDF/L3D: Improved support for rotated LEOs.
                  GLDF/L3D: The option "includedInMeasurement" was not considered in all cases.
                  Missing false colors in 3d view on prisms.
                  Sensxml: Crash when trying to open the property tab.
                  Sensxml: Incompatibility with projects having sensors in an older format.
                  Realtime Rendering: Uninitialized coordinate axes obstructing the 3D view when using very large projects.
                  Crash when trying to print or to calculate a road project.
                  RG observer name in result overview.
                  Cloning of invalid evaluation areas
                  Zoom to bounding box for floor plan.
                  Large member databases (>1GB) could not be installed by the online update.
                  Negative number of lamps are always referred to as absolute photometry.
                  In some cases, a too high luminous flux was used for luminaires with multiple lamps .




                  ReluxTunnel: Crash when repeatedly adjusting the settings for the free dimming.
                  Reading sensor data from EULUMDAT files.
                  Problem with absolute photometry with angle distances smaller than 2 degrees.
                  Handling of absolute photometry in EULUMDAT.
                  Handling of non-ASCII characters in photometric files .




                  Crash when trying to call the material editor from the default settings dialog.
                  Wrong measuring points for rotated running track.
                  Missing cutouts from parent surface for running tracks.
                  Handle bug in .rolf files.
                  Handle faulty photometry input from emergency lights.
                  Handle EULUMDAT files with direct ratios.
                  Handle input photometry with single plane.
                  Display correct date of the standard EN1838 (2019 instead of 2013).



                  ReluxEnergyCH: Possibility to claim an increased illuminance requirement.
                  Realtime Rendering: 3d mesh optimization option to avoid visual artifacts.


                  ReluxEnergyCH: Preallocate also glass area from utilizations.
                  ReluxEnergyCH: Adjusted hours per night for utilization type “Lagerhalle”.


                  GLDF: Import of files having sensXML sensors.
                  Raytracing: Erratic Ldc assignments to luminaires.
                  Raytracing: Wrong numerical results for Eulumdat Ldcs having non-equidistant gamma angles.
                  Realtime Rendering: Missing specular reflections for some glass materials.
                  Freeze of the entire program after a raytracing calculation.
                  Hidden tree items of the scene tree could not be made visible.
                  Shortcut F2 didn’t allow renaming of luminaires in the scene tree.



                  Print custom labels on data sheets.


                  Prevent camera from jumping erratically after opening false colors.
                  2D false colors were not displayed correctly in street output.
                  Import issue in ProductSelector for IES files using Photometry B.
                  Offset of result overview on 2D false color pages.
                  Symbol modifications will be directly stored now.
                  Crash after overriding library objects used for combination luminaires.
                  Enscape: crash when trying to start sports field a second time.
                  Radiator: added support of "included in measurement" flag of l3d editor.



                  Real-time Rendering: Option to apply ribbon bar settings from one scene to all others.
                  Save manual luminaire distance in EasyLux dialogue.


                  Improved GLDF support.
                  Missing product images.
                  SensXML: Polar data having angle offsets, starting at non-null, could not be read.
                  Realtime Rendering: Wrong luminous faces when switching on/off luminaires.
                  Realtime Rendering: Missing photometric data due to illegal character ':' in order number.
                  2d false colour output on printouts.
                  Displaying the labels of the 3D light distribution.
                  Distorted CAD sketches and manufacturers logos on printouts.
                  Wrong excel column when exporting custom labels.




                  Added code signing to language DLLs.


                  Improved GLDF support.
                  Standard calculation: Crash caused by Bitdefender antivirus company.
                  Standard calculation: Missing cutouts for recessed luminaires.
                  Real-time Rendering: Crashes when trying to add meshes, assign materials etc.
                  Real-time Rendering: Missing interactive transformations of partial 3d objects.
                  Placing of additional surfaces in a small room.
                  LDC processing: Missing handling of variable angle distances.
                  LDC processing: Missing calculation of quadrant distance for rotation in symmetry 3.




                  Bug with multiple task areas, missing parts of combination luminaires and wrong luminance displays.
                  GLDF: misplaced pendulum points for rotated luminaire geometries.
                  Fix modified project state after saving.
                  ReluxCAD activates correctly as 64bit version.
                  Crash after Easy Lux calculation.
                  Scaling problem of some LDCs.




                  ReluxEnergyCH could not be started.
                  Create scenes and objects from CAD plans works again.
                  Multi lampset support from Eulumdat works now.
                  Corrected French translation.
                  Fix various import & export issues in RlxProductSelector.
                  Fix delay in various controls.




                  Real-time rendering, powered by Enscape.
                  Support for GLDF data.
                  GAEB export, powered by ePLATO.
                  Utilanz on street output.
                  New exterior property tab.
                  3d object import button to the import ribbon.
                  Result overview of horizontal Illuminance for inclined measuring planes.


                  Extended 3D object import.




                  Missing Eh illuminance summary in result overview for inclined reference planes.
                  Saving pictures via context menu .




                  Missing Eh illuminance summary in result overview for inclined reference planes.

                  Saving pictures via context menu.




                  ReluxEnergyCH 2024.1: SIA 387/4:2023

                  ReluxEnergyCH 2024.1: ProKilowatt 2023


                  Reference planes did not keep the name after changing the evaluation area.

                  Crash when trying to print calculation results for inclined measuring planes.




                  Missing description of draw points if the reference object is not in the scene.

                  Orientation of measuring areas in false colours output.

                  2d view orientation after opening a 2d false colours output.

                  Toggling the profile now also toggles the height of Ez.

                  ReluxStreet: New row type has not yet been supported for all interfaces.

                  ReluxTunnel: Fixed manual setting for moving observer.

                  Standard calculation: Single selection of horizontal illuminance for inclined measuring planes.




                  OpenSSL 3.0.10: Security update

                  CodeMeter 7.60c: Security update


                  ‡ instead of lowered letters in profile selection dialog.

                  Lost previous selection state when sensor got deselected.

                  Standard calculation: low illuminance results for scenes placed kilometers away.

                  Orientation of false color measuring area in print and 2d view.

                  Crash when making scene changes in a calculated scene with only a storey view open.

                  Crash when a second cad plan is added to a room.

                  Cad plans only got initial position when importing in floor.

                  Sometimes the table of the pedestrian crossing was not displayed correctly.

                  Output of the observer position for wall luminance removed.

                  ReluxStreet: With the optimizer, the lamp sets are processed as expected.

                  Comparative sign for diversity changed.




                  Median daylight ratio value on daylight factor table output.


                  ReluxTunnel: Setting for “only direct part” revised.


                  ‡ instead of lowered letters in the result tab.

                  Swapped frame and pollution factors for windows in room element output list.

                  Correct output of measuring points with large coordinates.

                  Calculation of CIE88 tunnel class.

                  View splitting in tabbed mode.




                  Luminaire selection through luminaire lists.

                  Sort mechanism to luminaire lists.


                  Rendering of umlauts.

                  Red label color for collision.

                  Scene tree room sorting with floors.

                  3D geometry displayed incorrectly for some combination luminaires.

                  Formatting issue on daylight factor printout.

                  Crash during closing of result output views after changes in property tab of scene items.

                  Crash when trying to activate coordinate axes in OpenGL preview.

                  Improper argument message when trying to remove pseudo color entries.

                  Problem with negative fluxes after optimization.

                  ReluxTunnel: Lane markings were not shown in any case.

                  Furniture imported via FBX SDK was not properly instanced.




                  Fix problems with multi selection in tunnel luminaire list.

                  Fix wrong DWG isoline export.

                  Fix problems with multi head combination luminaires in ReluxStreet projects.

                  Lowered letters on printout when using “_” in luminaire names.




                  Power level dropdown in tunnel luminaire list.

                  Negative values and mathematical operations in luminaire list.

                  ReluxCAD for AutoCAD support for AutoCAD 2024.


                  Removed luminaire type dropdown in tunnel luminaire list.

                  Removed old luminaire list in tunnel.

                  The scale of 3d mountain plot gets shortened when text overlaps.

                  Update rendering when exiting property dialog with OK.

                  Implement dynamic update of dialog when (un)checking colour gradient checkbox.


                  Fix antialiasing texture rendering.

                  Fix the position of the left aligned door handle for resized doors.

                  Fix unintended isoline label offset for polygonal measure surfaces.

                  Lowered letters on printout when using “_” in scene names.

                  License problems in ReluxCAD for Tinline.

                  Replace UGR with RUG on RUG observer output.

                  Missing sensor detection range display on data sheet.

                  Customized pixel size of background images was not considered.

                  Crash in the result overview when trying to paint symbols for luminaires.

                  Exterior scenes could not be created on the active floor.

                  Created rectangular exterior scenes were placed on floor level.

                  Occasional crash when using “DB Guidelines”.

                  ReluxTunnel: Optimized automatic placement for lane based evaluation.

                  ReluxTunnel: Fixed initial luminaire distance.

                  Wrong relative position and formula sign for GR on result overview.

                  Luminaire list may include a "ghost" element.




                  Pedestrian crossing according UNI and option to calculate only linked luminaries.


                  Improved French user interface.


                  ReluxStreet: Fixed overlapping text in the overview.

                  ReluxStreet: The optimization sometimes mistakenly took into account the "dim" option.

                  Crash when starting easylux wizard.

                  Multiple material selection of 3d meshes didn't work.




                  Optimized tolerance by detecting LDC symmetry for UGR.

                  Printing multiline scene descriptions did not work.

                  Copy & Paste of third party products into another project was not possible.

                  Crash when trying to unhide UGR value inside the property list.

                  Incorrect hint and UGR table value on the result overview when only asymmetric LDCs are encountered.

                  Luminous flux of meshes received from the direct part of the calculation didn’t contribute to the indirect part.




                  The readability and recognizability of the user interface has been increased through better contrast.

                  Tab view mode.

                  Ceiling objects for easy luminaire placing.

                  Door handle orientation can be changed.

                  RUG output only for suitable LDCs.

                  Windows navigator & document menu button.

                  Exchange window and door object types via context menu.

                  EN12464-1 czech translation.


                  The display and naming of formula symbols has been updated.

                  OpenSSL 3.0.8: Security update due to a moderate vulnerability.

                  Improved compatibility with the OpenGL Graphics Standard.


                  ReluxTunnel: An interior row with no distance between the luminaires led into an endless loop.

                  When duplicating scenes, the standard values were not taken over.

                  Various problems with falsely anonymized products.

                  Wrong limit value output (none) for high risk areas.

                  Rounding problem with direction values (e.g. angle of vertical illum.).

                  Lights were not moved correctly during automatic centring.

                  The properties of objects after a transformation were not displayed correctly.

                  Wrong mounting type for ceiling sensors when doing drag & drop.

                  Imported background image was not applied to scenes of a storey.

                  Dimensions of storey background image were not updated when replacing it.

                  Easylux: extensive flickering and tree refreshing in projects with many scenes.

                  Flawed material assignment when multiple primitives are selected.

                  Refreshing background images via dedicated property button didn't work.

                  Interior room drawing after cancelled exterior scene drawing.

                  CAD plan and background images didn't appear after inserting any non-rectangular room.

                  Background images not translucent for calculated outdoor scenes.




                  Raytracing: Refraction index can be set for water material.


                  False colors on measuring surface are not completely displayed.

                  Combi sensors were marked as third-party products when opening an existing project.

                  When creating projects via the Excel interface, products were marked as third-party products.




                  Problems when importing CAD drawings containing AcDbregion objects.

                  Formatting ULR value.

                  On emergency printouts, text was sometimes printed over the margin.




                  ReluxTunnel: CIE k-factor was shown as one digit rounded value, which led to a misinterpretation of the value.

                  Raytracing: Incorrect black preview of water material.

                  Incorrectly set tabs in the luminaire list.




                  Standard calculation: Option to ignore additional geometry of luminaires during calculation.

                  Standard calculation: Circular luminous faces now with quadratic subdivision.

                  In the case of GR tables, the maximum GR will be reported on the result overview page.


                  ReluxTunnel: Optimised indirect component on the tunnel walls, the results are now closer to the previous version.


                  OpenSSL library vulnerabilities.

                  Wrong cutting of recessed luminaires if they are tilted.

                  Damaged scenes after street project to exterior scene conversion and active IPEA printout.

                  Coefficient of variation calculation was wrong.

                  EulumDB: Crash caused by premature kill focus event in combo-box.

                  EulumDB: Bug in article creation for combination luminaires.

                  Standard calculation: Crash caused by tiny triangles.

                  Standard calculation: Quadratic subdivision of circular luminous faces could exceed the physical dimensions.

                  Luminaires having rectangular luminous faces were overwritten with circular ones when imported via drag & drop.

                  ReluxAnalyse: Infinite loop when sensor contour could not be created.

                  ReluxAnalyse: Incomplete number of conversions when all files were to be converted.

                  ReluxAnalyse: Wrong detection rates were calculated for sensors.

                  Raytracing: Wrong creation of luminous faces in cases where luminaire dimensions differ too much from measured geometry.

                  ReluxTunnel: For short tunnels, the automatically placed luminaires were not limited.

                  ReluxTunnel: More than three lanes with various widths cause a crash.

                  ReluxTunnel: Fixed position of the entrance area when reverse row is placed.

                  ReluxTunnel: For tunnel scenes with variable track widths, the overall uniformity is now also displayed in the printout.

                  ReluxTunnel: User defined measuring areas are just calculating the interior lum.

                  Format string will no longer change after selecting a usage profile.

                  ReluxStreet: Text overlapping in the line with ULR fixed.

                  ReluxStreet: When optimising, the tilt could only be set to a minimum of three steps.

                  ReCadII: Maintenance factor was not processed properly.

                  Luminaire brand not displayed after calculation in overview output.

                  Standard profile was not taken over after copying a scene.




                  ReluxTunnel: When exporting to Excel, the scene names may be shortened in order to keep within the 31 character limit.

                  ReluxTunnel: Wall grid according to VSS only with 2 grid lines.


                  Corrected the display of the colors on the virtual measuring surfaces.

                  Materials can now be changed via "same" material.

                  ReluxTunnel: Cloning of tunnel scenes did not work properly.

                  ReluxTunnel: The rounding of the positions now works for the adaptation rows.

                  ReluxTunnel: If the luminaire spacing was too small, automatic placement had not worked as expected.

                  ReluxTunnel: Fixed some issues in the context of multiple border areas.

                  ReluxTunnel: Printout functions work as expected even without the highest switching level.

                  Replacing CAD plans only worked if the file extension was written in lower case.

                  Wrong cutouts and gaps when recessed ceiling luminaires are rotated around the x/y axis.

                  Missing deletion of calculation results after conversion of boolean group into 3d mesh.

                  Crash when trying to repaint the scene after a mast luminaire was deleted.




                  ReCADII: Export calculated scenes into ReCADII files now also includes isolines on the measuring surfaces.

                  Print to scale and print complete floor plan now also in the context menu.

                  In the delete / insert points mode, the pan (middle mouse button) now also works.

                  The calculation height will be reported on the printout of the pedestrian crossing.


                  Too short line measurement areas could lead to crashes.

                  ReluxTunnel: The new border zones were missing on the project page.

                  Rolf1: missing emergency light flux.

                  Observers on the reference plane are no longer removed when "additional surfaces" are deactivated.

                  Hidden background images when only cad plans are to be hidden.

                  Missing context menu items when trying to add/remove vertices from room contour.

                  Crash when trying to place GR Observer when no measuring plane could be found.

                  Wrong cutouts for certain recessed ceiling luminaires.

                  Crash when leaving emergency settings dialog with cancel.

                  Crash when trying to replace cad plans and background images.

                  Deletion of calculation results after library changes to luminaires.

                  Disabled sensor selection via ribbon button when a luminaire with detector had been selected.

                  Storeys with at least 60 rooms could not be calculated due to output windows constantly refreshing.

                  Slow CAD plan rendering and navigation caused by constant data transfer to graphics card.

                  Wrong orientation of false color triangles of measuring planes.

                  Illumination effect on certain meshes in 3d false color display.

                  Unresponsive GUI during consecutive calculations of many small scenes.

                  Crash caused by identical points in reference plane contour.

                  Crash in animation path painting if the scene is part of a storey.

                  Crash when trying to fill the window list of placed combination luminaires.

                  Standard calculation: Wrong rendering of meshes based on boolean groups.




                  ReCad: Added dimensions to the luminaire info block.


                  Inserting luminous intensity points could lead to a crash.

                  ReluxTunnel: In the results tab, the expected setpoints are displayed on all levels.




                  ReluxTunnel: New version with supplemented and revised standards and new tunnel geometries. A revised calculation kernel allows edge zones on both sides of the carriageway, variable carriageway widths and the possibility to use a user-defined luminance curve in the adaptation area.

                  ReluxStreet: ULR Value on the result overview page.

                  ReluxCAD for AutoCAD supports AutoCAD 2023.


                  Color strings for isolines/pseudo colors are now in RGB in the properties.


                  Windows and doors were not always selected in the project tree.

                  Selection with CTRL has also selected all objects behind the selection.

                  Custom measuring areas were not selected in tunnel after insertion.

                  Products from member databases without an LDC get a name again.

                  Fixed missing false colours when switching off "print 3d objects".




                  Data update allowed even if a program update is pending.


                  Crash when rendering animation.

                  Missing luminaire geometry in 3D print output.

                  Cylindrical illuminance results were active in exterior scenes.

                  Crashes caused by GDI object leaks.

                  Rare crashes in multi scene projects after automatic scene switch.

                  Wrong 2D false colors for horizontal illuminance results on inclined measuring planes.

                  Crash in preview window of print manager when displaying 3D illuminance mountain output.

                  ReluxTunnel: Illuminance on the inner section of a breakdown lane is displayed in the overview.




                  Easy CAD plans replacement for one or all scenes.


                  Order of opened result tables changed so that illuminance values are displayed first.


                  Crash when EN 12464-1 utilization profile is set but no cylindrical illuminance results are available.

                  Display correct combo box content in the ribbon bar.

                  Wrong color for fulfilled nominal values in the storey overview page.

                  15% distance to border rule was active for exterior scenes.

                  The luminaire list will be shown again on the result overview page.

                  ReluxStreet: The batch report is written again.

                  The "general road" measurement areas may not have a drag point.

                  Sometimes the determination of the unique installation height could go wrong.

                  The limitation of the luminous intensity list in the print output may not have worked correctly.




                  Standard: EN 12464-1 (11.2021).

                  Select step of illumination to EN 12464.

                  15% distance to wall rule according to EN 12464-1.

                  Support US best practice for interior and exterior lighting.

                  Setting to adjust the number of threads for standard calculation and EasyLux.

                  CAD plan and background image manager to have quick access to delete and replace plans in all scenes.

                  Luminairelist as a docking control.

                  Separate "Nominal values"-Settings to set default standard and other values.

                  Separate "Print"-Settings tab to change the visibility of plans and other settings for outputs.

                  Improvements to UGR result table output according to recommendations of EN 12464-1.

                  Optionally, show only the wall with the worst values in the result overview.

                  Thai language was added.


                  Direct access to the maintenance factor in the ribbon bar.


                  Crash when creating library mast combinations.

                  Crash caused by reaching the maximum number of GDI objects.

                  Crash when live result for emergency is pressed.

                  Issue with selecting axis when zoomed in.

                  Potential crashes and instabilities.

                  Measuring object filter also shows observers and measure points in the project tree.

                  Cloning issue of free scenes.

                  Gray symbol for combination luminaire.

                  ReluxEnergyCH: missing translations for usage profiles.

                  Exceeded licenses (too many users) were displayed on the License tab only if there was also a valid license.




                  Optimized visibility range for emergency signs.


                  Crash during emergency calculations with emergency signs.

                  Ray Tracing and Dynamic planning: Emergency signs could not be processed.

                  EasyLux: Emergency signs were mistakenly deleted.

                  Rare crash when deleting unused luminaires from project library.




                  Alphabetical sorting (A-Z or Z-A) for scenes in the scene tree context menu.


                  Correct distance calculation in the panning aid for emergency lighting.

                  Issue with observer rotation.

                  Potential crash during standard lighting calculation.




                  Crash when trying to open the print preview.

                  Crash when trying to open the result overview.

                  Empty boundary line output.

                  Artifacts on edit view, when emergency luminaires are used.

                  Wrong rotation axis enabled/disabled on combination luminaires.

                  The luminaire types can be changed again in the street manager.




                  Auto placing emergency luminaires on anti panic areas and escape routes.

                  Live results for emergency lighting.

                  Emergency lighting standards CEN EN 1838 and UNI EN 1838 integrated.

                  Ribbon tab for emergency lighting.

                  Display emergency route with surrounding and middle line.

                  Edit mode to switch on/off emergency luminaires just by one click.

                  Filter for emergency objects in the project and output tree.

                  Vertical emergency areas.

                  High risk areas.

                  Checkbox to add high risk and anti panic areas on evaluation areas.

                  Emergency signs

                  Display emergency signs’ visibility

                  Grayed out symbols on output for luminaires that are switched off.

                  Copy & Paste for points in the structure tab to and from excel/csv files.


                  Adding gr observer to active or selected measuring surface.

                  Changed “emergency on” state for better visibility on outputs.

                  Improved color scheme for measuring objects (Emergency objects green, high risk areas yellow).

                  Display emergency illuminance values in red for edit view when value is below the minimum.

                  Direct access to emergency settings dialog.

                  Luminaire on/off and emergency on/off states visible in the project tree.


                  Raytracing: skylights were not considered for daylight calculations.

                  Sensxml: offset values for the detection center were not considered.

                  Sometimes calculation results of boolean groups converted to 3d objects were not visible.

                  Rooms can be sorted in the project tree. It affects the output tree now. Known sort dialog has become obsolete.

                  Selected cube faces are highlighted in the 3D view.

                  Showing wrong results for calculated scenes in storey mode when wireframe mode has been activated.

                  Issue with multiselection in 2D/3D.

                  ReluxTunnel: In some cases of multiple rows, only the luminaires of the model were exported.




                  Crash when changing single luminaire of mast combi.

                  In the case of border zones with M classes, the Rei of the main street was output.

                  3ds import: objects without material definition could not be imported.

                  Crash loop when trying to restore a project.

                  Rare project opening problems when furniture is involved.

                  Small 3d axis for selection.

                  Missing display of pictorial textures after assignment per drag&drop.

                  Display properties for boolean groups objects.

                  2021.1.2.0 / 2021.1.3.0



                  Rectangular selection in 3D edit views.

                  Switch for sensor cone visibility.


                  More stability through replacing deprecated OpenGL commands in OpenGL “Windows driver”-Mode.

                  Performance improvement for meshes with many partial objects.

                  Performance improvement for 3D selection.

                  Stability improvement when saving project files to a network share.

                  Focus set on the search field in the “edit nominal value” dialog.

                  Measure faces under evaluation areas are named the same.


                  Crash in the road manager.

                  Crash on white balance dialog in storey view.

                  Texture loading problem in furniture preview fixed.

                  2d pseudo color for cubes with multiple outputs.

                  Crash on ceiling cut outs for recessed luminaires.

                  If manual switching steps were added to a tunnel, the row of luminaires may have been partially reset.

                  The optimization or batch calculation of non-CIE conforming LDCs, with variable tilt now works as expected.

                  Optimisation of street scenes, dimming without border area comparison did not work as expected.

                  In the LAI list output, longer names are now also printed without overlapping.

                  Problems with exporting tunnel projects to Excel.

                  Distorted table result output for immediate surrounding of task area.

                  Coarse underlying calculation grid for emergency areas.

                  Sectional view in result output for daylight factors.

                  Incomplete output result tab when restoring a project with multiple scenes.

                  In rare cases small scenes in a multi-scene project could not be calculated without error.

                  Easylux: Missing rounding of ceiling height so that luminaires were obstructed by the ceiling.

                  Raytracing: Export error caused by some furniture when option “smooth edges” is enabled.

                  Raytracing: Expert mode parameters were used even though this mode was disabled.

                  Raytracing: Crash caused by badly positioned wall elements such as doors and windows.

                  SensXML: Display error when using 360° as end angle for polar data.




                  Furniture library edit with a simplified library selection.


                  Print profile names have not been stored.

                  UGR table values on result overview were not computed per evaluation area.

                  Design object support was missing for roundabouts and pedestrian crossings.

                  Importing CAD plan in a second ReluxDesktop instance.

                  Wrong scaling, when furniture has been dropped from ReluxNet.

                  ReluxStreet: the offset for the subsequent luminaire row has not correctly calculated when combination luminaires with multiple heads have been used.




                  New 3D object library available on ReluxNet.

                  New ReCADII interface.

                  New Excel interface for street scenes.

                  Street modul, optimisations for variants and lamp sets extended.

                  Maintenance factor calculation for LED luminaires.

                  Ceiling grid luminaire arrangement in EasyLux.

                  Switchable profiles for header and footer in print output.

                  Ceiling /Wall Cut-Out for recessed luminaire

                  Possibility to synchronize date/time settings between calculation engines.

                  Standard calculation: Writing the log file can be disabled.

                  Raytracing: Simulation of mirrored illumination on planar surfaces.


                  Issue with adding CAD-Plans.

                  Display virtual light emitting faces in calculated scene.

                  The option “Add additional measuring surfaces” has not been considered after creating a new room in storey mode.

                  Raytracing: Locked calculated views could not be unlocked.

                  Crash during mass import of eulumdats with multiple equipments.




                  Important CodeMeter runtime update to 7.21a.

                  Problems with Adobe PDF printer.

                  ReluxCAD for AutoCAD: Improved ReluxThirdParty handling.

                  Rounding with no digits for the central reservation of streets in the printout.




                  Display UGR and DGP values in 2d and 3d view.

                  Reset standard view for 2D view.


                  Page layout and orientation saved in print settings.

                  Shortened nominal profile names in property window.


                  Wrong nominal uniformity value for EN12464.1 5.18.11.

                  In certain cases emergency luminaires were considered for UGR observer calculations.

                  Distorted table output of escape route calculation results.

                  Locked scenes could not be unlocked.

                  Update datasheet after changing emergency parameters.

                  Changing ldc presentation has needed a manual refresh.

                  Changing luminaire height has reseted the luminaire orientation.

                  Printing and scaling north arrow on several outputs.

                  ReluxTunnel: Fixed cash when changing row type to a type without adjusted luminaries.

                  The dialogue for creating combination luminaries was not always properly initialised.

                  ReluxTunnel: The glare value B (DIN) can now be switched off in the result overview.

                  Fixed some issues in the context of ReluxWebConfig.

                  Improved ReluxThirdParty handling for ReluxCAD for AutoCAD 2021.




                  ReluxStreet: Optimized luminance pseudo colors output.

                  Dwg/dxf export crashes when exporting iso lines for emergency calculations.

                  Issue with pseudo color in 3D / 2D view and dynamic planning mode.




                  Set pseudo color palette option “set scale to min and max “ as default.


                  Editing luminaires using "Library Edit..." was sometimes not available.

                  Rare crash when trying to extrude a scene in x-direction having only one ceiling geometry.

                  Changing background color of a scene when an emergency calculation was performed.

                  Measuring point items losing their parent tree item after a scene has been copied.

                  EasyLux: In rare cases the maintenance factor was not updated when switching room profiles.

                  Overlapping pseudo colors in 3D pseudo color output.

                  Display raster points for pedestrian road.

                  Pseudo colors on exterior surfaces in 3d pseudo color output.

                  Crash after drag&drop of an folder without luminaire files.

                  Repaint issue in storey view.

                  When exporting isolines, they were sometimes displaced.

                  Floor plan sketch in the sections is output correctly.

                  The direction of the vertical (and similar) in the editions was in some cases wrong e.g. 18° => South (180°).

                  Tables with only one value series, e.g. TI values are now also displayed in the printout again.




                  Clicking the result caption in the result tab selects the related object in the scene.

                  Stored pseudo color palette on the computer can be selected in old Relux projects.


                  Improved ReluxThirdParty handling.

                  Update photometric information after changing luminaire position.

                  Crash during creation of a mast or combination without material.

                  Axis labels in floor plan view and overview print output.

                  3ds-Import: texture file names were limited to 20 characters.

                  Dynamic Planning: Non-initial display of false colors. Optimized false color legend when multiple measuring planes are selected.

                  Optimising with variable luminous flux values works again.

                  Problems when adding emergency luminaires from ReluxNet or the online Tab in the product selector.




                  Improved ReluxThirdParty handling.

                  Issues with special character for tab captions on excel export.

                  Update photometric center after changing position in property window.

                  Display correct values for photometric center with changed user coordinate system.

                  Wrong threshold value in dyn. planning.

                  Transfer of dimming values when changing luminaire types in a scene.

                  Configurable luminaires are correctly processed in the road manager.




                  Display result values for measure points in 2D and 3D view by activating “display calculation grid”.

                  Switch to show or hide CAD plan and background images in print outputs (eg. result overview).


                  Removed labeling for cubes and faces in groups or subnodes.


                  Crash when working with grouped LAI observers.

                  Missing reset of distance to wall value for evaluation areas of interior scenes.

                  Deleting multiple scenes with multiselection in storey tree.

                  First time starting the product selector, a second click in the item list was necessary to select as desired.

                  Some ROLF files did not work as desired.

                  Luminaire text without line breaks is displayed correctly again.

                  In tunnel projects, the results of the road were opened at the walls.

                  Raytracing: Calculation of combination luminaires having no light emitter node.




                  The new pseudocolor palette is added automatically as variation.


                  Too wide total zoom in overview page.

                  Objects were not displayed in the 3D luminance output.

                  Issue with tick marks in pseudocolor outputs.

                  Display wrong pseudo color in some outputs.

                  Crash when trying to enable EN12464 Raster for Roundabout measuring surfaces.




                  Option “Print complete floor plan” for result overview page.


                  Missing object labels in 2D/3D view.

                  Missing scene tree refresh when copying objects with CTRL key.

                  Missing scene tree refresh when importing CAD plan via wizard and Drag&Drop.

                  Crash when trying to open the result overview. Caused by empty evaluation areas.




                  Universal pseudocolour palette.

                  Threshold value tool.

                  Calculation values in 2D and 3D edit views.

                  Calculation of Daylight Glare Probability (DGP).

                  Raytracing: Improved calculation performance and stability.

                  Raytracing: Option to consider additional geometry of luminaires for shadow testing.

                  Calculating and optimize function for all streets in a project.

                  Import vector or pixel-based PDF files.

                  Folders and subfolders containing Eulumdat files can be imported by drag & drop.

                  Luminous flux of emergency lighting ldcs can be modified.


                  Rasterization of measuring surfaces for running tracks according to EN 12193:2018.

                  Select multiple luminaires before adding them to the scene.

                  Geolocation no longer experimental.


                  Architectural objects were not cut out from measuring faces.

                  Drawing of luminaire positions could overlap in print preview.

                  Dynamic Planning: Results were not displayed for the selected measuring plane.

                  Raytracing: Wrong number of ldc gamma angles if range is [90°, 180°].

                  After project restore sometimes cad plans were missing.

                  Dynamic Planning: Replacing mast luminaires failed due to cross references in luminaire library.

                  Crash when trying to display luminaire position drawing.

                  Crash when creating a new project with background image and active “show background image only in the room” option as default.

                  Slow performance when loading and working with large multi-scene projects.

                  In the K-Calc print out, the number of combination luminaires is now fully visible.

                  For the batch calculation with variable road widths, the border areas may be displayed incorrectly.

                  For the output of measurement groups with mixed (rotated - unrotated) measuring surfaces, the horizontal and the normal result may have been swapped.

                  In the settings dialogue of the measuring grid, only full stops were accepted as decimal separators.

                  ReluxCAD: In some cases symbols were updated incorrectly.

                  On the summary for areas with vertical illuminance values from different directions, only the first result was displayed.

                  Issue with displaying aiming arrows and its saving state.

                  Issue when navigating in the story tree control with up and down keys.

                  Avoiding calculation reset after cad layer state change.

                  Crash and issue during converting street into exterior scene.

                  Changing parameters for round shaped windows.

                  Placing luminaire rows in rotated ucs .

                  Zoom on plan after creating a new project with cad plan.

                  Update project tree after cad plan drag&drop.

                  Renaming luminaire name in project tree.

                  Read and display dwg-file offset in origin dialog during importing cad-plan file.

                  Issue with displaying luminaire symbols.

                  Output issue with long luminaire names.

                  When exporting DWG/DXF mast luminaires, the 2D symbol layer no longer exports 3D masts.




                  Security update due to CodeMeter vulnerability




                  Ribbon button to toggle display between luminaire symbol and 3D representation.

                  Inheritance of nominal values for new measure objects.


                  ReluxEnergyCH: Korrigenda SIA 387/4-C1:2020.

                  No copying of CAD plans after inserting new floors.


                  ReluxCAD for AutoCAD: error when calling product selector.

                  Computer bound licenses have not been released by Codemeter 7.00a.

                  Display texture after inserting.

                  CAD-plan offset after creating new x-extruded scene.

                  Crashes during CAD plan handling.

                  Dynamic Planning: Crash when trying to adjust parts of mast luminaires.

                  Crash after leaving product selector with “OK” button.

                  Rotation of combination luminaires fixed.

                  Symbols of simple combination luminaires will now get exported.

                  2020.1.4.0 / 2020.1.5.0



                  Daylight factor output is possible on inclined measuring surfaces.

                  CAD plans and background images are shown in calculated views.


                  GeoLocation zoom levels are now displayed with meter/ft information


                  ReluxDesktop could not be started offline.

                  Locked GUI after failed drag & drop of iesXML and sensXML files.

                  Rare crash when trying to load projects.

                  3D raster points mode in luminance view didn’t work.

                  Raytracing: Deletion of customized views after user action and subsequent calculation.

                  Misleading german string in result overview as soon as luminaires have been dimmed.

                  Crash during copy/paste of CAD plans or background images.

                  Transparent information window after starting ReluxDesktop.

                  Missing display of CAD plan in sensor result output for reference plane.

                  Display of large CAD plans after creating a new interior or exterior scene.

                  Import wizard didn’t jump back to the correct destination.

                  Product selector: incorrect string.

                  The selected theme dark or light is now also displayed after a restart.




                  Drag&Drop of iesXML files into a scene.


                  Using correct color palette for false color output.

                  Performance issue with CAD plans.

                  Issue with font sizes.

                  Display CAD Plan in storey view with calculated scenes.

                  ReluxEnergyCH: Rooms from projects containing CAD drawings (and saved with ReluxDesktop 2020.1) could not be imported.

                  Dynamic planning: switching to false color display could take very long.

                  Dynamic Planning: false colors appeared during scene navigation.

                  Misleading false color legends in print preview of outputs.

                  Missing false color legends in 3d false color views and 3d mountain plot.

                  During the import of a plan, after manually determining the scale, position or rotation, jumps back to the correct page of the wizard .




                  Display ldc and luminaire arrow in floor view.

                  Correct pseudo color scale on different outputs.

                  Incorrect false colors were initially displayed when clicking on measuring plane tree items.

                  Display pseudo color for floor and ceiling in 2D pseudo color output.

                  Hide and show geolocation image in scene tree control.

                  Sensor calculation: Missing 2d false color results on reference plane.

                  Display of false colors in 3d views when only emergency lighting calculation has been performed.




                  Performance problems with cad-plans.

                  Crashes with cad-plan handling.

                  Copied objects when creating new scene.

                  Prism visualisation in pseudo color outputs.

                  Crash when trying to open projects having a cad plan.

                  False color artefacts in 3d illuminance views after disabling gradients.

                  In printout of the floor plan the page break works again.




                  PDF import: Import plan in PDF format directly into ReluxDesktop.

                  Result tab: Check the calculation results at a glance in the result tab.

                  Geolocation (Test): Draw your scene directly on a map provided by Google.

                  Result outputs: Display your results by using the new graphical tools.

                  iesXML format: Extended planning with the iesXML format.

                  Product position: Get a detailed overview of the position of your luminaires.


                  Slow performance when working on projects having a lot of detailed scenes.

                  The settings for the cone diagram were not adopted in the ProductSelector.

                  When drawing polygons, sometimes an overlap was erroneously reported.

                  Rare crashes caused during restore of a project.

                  Incorrect orientation of measuring table results for reference planes.

                  Daylight calculation: low illuminance values in interior scenes as soon as 3d objects are placed outside the scene.




                  ReluxEnergy CH: After-run time was indicated on printout even though not used for presence detector settings “manual” and “manual with automatic time-switch”.

                  Daylight calculation: When creating a new scene, day and time between calculation modules differed.

                  In certain cases an incorrect maintenance factor was displayed in output results.

                  When using certain types of measuring planes false colors could come across as distorted.

                  Optimization for faulty illuminated dimensions.




                  Under certain circumstances, when luminaires without lamps were taken over in the database does not use the number of lamps of the LVK.

                  Rendering improvements for animations.

                  Ldc’s with 0.1° steps in gamma will now be processed.

                  ReluxStreet: The directional arrows are now updated immediately.

                  ReluxCAD: Crash when attempting to create an outdoor installation with the settings of an interior scene or vice versa.

                  ReluxCAD: Due to a bug in the 64bit port it could possibly crash.




                  Various not allowed objects could be inserted into ReluxStreet/ReluxTunnel projects.

                  Missing page break before luminaire arrangment section for combination luminaires with long product description.

                  Some database luminaires had no luminous flux.




                  Collision check can be skipped before doing a calculation. (Option can be found under Settings->Default Values->Calculation)

                  It is now possible to create pure emergency lights in the database.


                  ReluxKCalc ribbon was missing.

                  Crash when trying to edit material.

                  Hide option for "Luminaire on" when luminaire is only used for emergency lighting.

                  Emergency lighting settings did not work correctly for combination luminaires.

                  Missing lamp power specification in luminaire names.

                  Sensor calc: detection area didn't update when moving grouped sensors.

                  Sensor calc: potential crash when number of raster points gets too large.

                  Crash when leaving print manager.

                  Triangle overlappings in measuring planes when changing distance to borders.

                  Raytracing calc: Geometries of type RE_BLOCK couldn’t be processed.

                  Raytracing calc: Changes in north angle value couldn’t be processed.

                  Raytracing calc: Error message when only sensors are placed in a scene.

                  When cloning street scenes the default Q0 value was set again.

                  Export of parts lists to directories with unicode character in directory name works now.

                  Luminaires with sensors crashed, during the printout.




                  Sensor calculations could not be performed from inside the calculation manager.




                  64-bit Raytracing core.

                  Emergency enabled luminaires can now be found in ReluxNet.

                  Information about the system power and flux in the result pane.

                  Pendulum color can be set.


                  Customized standard colors haven’t been saved.

                  The shortcut for fast rotation of luminaires (select + A) now also works as expected for luminaires with an inclination.

                  Issue with property list checkbox.

                  Cutting out objects from measuring planes didn’t work in very rare cases.

                  Save-As file operations could lead to undesired behaviour on file operations afterwards.

                  Door geometry was visible in raytracing renderings of indoor scenes.

                  Dimming colors were not shown on shining faces of luminaire geometry in calculated views.

                  Standard lighting calculation: Memory overflows and freezes in extremely rare cases, slow lighting calculations in certain big senes.

                  In certain situations it was possible that overshoots occurred at individual measuring points due to interpolation problems in the indirect calculation.

                  When accepting luminaires via ReluxNet, the standard output of the glare may not have been correctly initialised.

                  Minor display errors on the luminaire data sheet.

                  The direction arrow in the sketches was enlarged for large measuring areas.

                  In certain cases a different window was activated after a standard lighting calculation.




                  ReluxKCalc, function to evaluate glare caused by obtrusive light.

                  Speed improvement of up to 30% for standard lighting calculations.

                  ReluxCAD for AutoCAD works now also with AutoCAD 2020.


                  Extended disclaimer.


                  Some problems in Italian and Romanian translation.

                  Design object flag wasn't considered for observers during calculation.

                  EasyLux: In rare cases changes to maintenance factor weren't considered.

                  Raytracing: Trans materials such as milky glass weren’t considered if applied to window geometry.

                  Text color issue in dark theme in 2D and 3D views.

                  When calculating TI on roads with P classes, all lanes are now taken into account.

                  For some types of luminaires no symbol was displayed in the sketch on the roads result overview.

                  When exporting the alignment arrows to a DWG, the rotation or offset of the plan is now also taken into account.

                  Removed the irritating arrow from the sketch on pedestrian crossing table output.

                  The result summary of the emergency light table output now also shows the uniformity of the fine grid correctly.

                  Very long lamp designations, in the vicinity of street calculations led to an "alleged" crash report.

                  The IPEA feature did not work with some complex luminaire types.

                  Mirror function corrected for single luminaires with C90 as adjustment plane.




                  Added a button to activate the IPEA / IPEI property for all luminaires.

                  Added option to calculate CIE clear sky without sun in calculation manager.

                  ReluxStreet: Hemispherical results will now be displayed in the result window.


                  Issue with rho value for groups with GR observer fixed.

                  Wrong page title for story overview corrected.

                  Issue after deleting not used luminaires in conjunction with configurable luminaires.

                  Issue with smooth edge checkbox for 3d objects.

                  Issue with not showing object in boolean groups.

                  Fixed output of the IPEI Value if P-Classes are selected.

                  Deleting configurable luminaires could cause problems.

                  Crash when trying to manually scale false colours in overview result output.

                  In some cases the result of boolean operations was not displayed correctly.

                  Dynamic planning: Changes in luminaire type configurations were not considered.

                  Dynamic planning: Crash when trying to place or modify circular window geometry.

                  Raytracing: Textures mapped on some 3d objects appeared incorrectly in renderings.

                  Raytracing: “Trans” material having transmission blocked sunlight when used as curtain.

                  UGR Observer: In rare cases incorrect luminance values were calculated for light-emitting luminaire surfaces.




                  Changing 3D object type in property window.

                  IPEA & IPEI values can now be calculated and shown on the luminaire data sheet and the ReluxStreet result overview.


                  Save layout after importing a layout.

                  Scaling in pseudo color settings for result overview corrected.

                  ReluxEnergyCH: Upper limit for operating hours during night period was set to 11h instead of 13h.

                  ReluxEnergyCH: Licence activation code got printed in the footer by mistake.

                  ReluxEnergyCH: Print dialog got back its close button.

                  The naming for the LG3/LG7 calculation results is now consistent in all outputs.

                  Dimming: In rare cases an incorrect dimming value was printed on result overview.

                  Upward Light Ratio value printed on result overview for measuring planes didn’t consider obstructions.

                  ReluxTunnel: Sometimes the interior luminaires wouldn’t be limited at the end of the model.

                  ReluxTunnel: The name of a measuring area can now changed in the properties window.

                  ReluxStreet: The batch report for rows on the left side was not created correctly.

                  ReluxCAD: Cubes created in AutoCAD have now a initial reflexion degree.

                  ReluxCAD: Isolines can now be set again. Small values will now be shown with decimal places.

                  Occasional login issues if password contained special characters.




                  Unbreak group for multiple selected groups.

                  Background image for stories.


                  Updated translations for Chinese, Russian and Swedish.

                  Performance improved for projects with many rooms.

                  The calculation of luminous intensity classes now is based on the luminaire’s luminous flux. (Till now the luminous flux of the lamp has been used.)


                  ReluxEnergyCH: inserting multiple luminaires to a room (in roombook view) could lead to a crash.

                  For some measuring point types a vector transformation was missing.

                  Dirt and attenuation factors were not considered during calculation.

                  In rare cases a misleading dimming message was displayed in the result overview.

                  Importing luminaires from ReluxNet could lead to a crash while a calculation was running.

                  In the Road module, changing the number of lanes occasionally caused a crash.

                  Fixed incorrect title in street result overview.




                  ReluxEnergyCH: now supports ProKilowatt.

                  Option “scene oriented” while creating field group with luminaire.

                  Option to rotate user coordinate system in storey view.


                  Updated translations for a couple of languages.


                  Daylight calculation results for single measuring points and measuring groups didn't appear in the result output tab.

                  In rare cases measuring point results were squeezed in oriented table view.

                  Filled measuring planes were rendered improperly when a sensor and a window were placed in a scene.

                  Filter in project tree for sensor combination.

                  Update size for luminaire emergency symbol.

                  Issue while creating a mast luminaire with single luminaires.

                  ReCAD: In a project with multiple scenes it was not possible to export a single scene.

                  Performing automatic placement for “adaption lighting” only could discard user settings for “interior lighting”.

                  ReluxLum: There was a German word in the English translation.




                  Latest OpenGL Mesa library to get better performance, stability and improvements in 3D renderings on systems not supporting hardware-driven OpenGL.


                  Wrong material for shed roof walls.

                  Display quantity of elements for wall elements in property window was wrong.

                  Maintenance plan wasn't displayed before initial calculation.

                  Exaggerated numerical rounding caused error message when processing cylindrical geometry in radiator.

                  Crash when background image was substituted.

                  Crash in dimming dialog.

                  Crash when limit of Undo/Redo actions has been reached.

                  Crash when dealing with empty groups.




                  ReluxStreet: When using general traffic and setting number of lanes to 0 the program uses illuminance grid for the complete surface.


                  Crash when running large batch processes in ReluxStreet.

                  Lighting classes could not be assigned to measuring areas.

                  Some crashes during standard lighting calculations.

                  Raytracing: Incorrect texture mapping for lateral sides of prism geometry.

                  Crash when trying to import 3ds objects having inconsistent animation data included.

                  Rare crash when trying to save jpg images.




                  Reset and edit for nominal values in property window.


                  Texture mapping for certain lateral faces of cuboids was incorrect.

                  Fixed crash when dragging & dropping CAD drawing into a scene.

                  Switching the database language to English failed in the Product selector.

                  Comma was not accepted as decimal separator for snap grid distances.

                  Parameter issue for shed roofs.

                  Wrong behaviour of distance type in field groups.

                  Some instabilities.

                  ReluxTunnel: Some settings for the display of the luminance curve did not work.




                  ReluxCAD for AutoCAD now supports AutoCAD 2019.


                  Reestablished downward compatibility of Relux 2018.2 projects backwards to the latest ReluxSuite version 2016.1.2.0. Provided that the projects are not exported from the ReluxCAD for Revit Add-On.

                  Undo/redo for object alignment actions have been added.


                  Crash on Intel(R) Graphics card after windows update. Please, switch back to windows driver.

                  Crash when undoing calculation and false color 2d result view was still open.

                  Rare crash during undo/restore actions concerning configurable products.

                  The fields for the parameters length and width of the pedestrian crossing were not displayed sometimes.

                  Luminaires can now be loaded directly from ReluxNET into a street or tunnel scene.

                  Iguzzini PlugIn loads correctly again.

                  For IES files with road optics, which are not measured according to the CIE standard the tilt angle was printed with the wrong sign.

                  User-created error report closed ReluxDesktop.

                  Raytracing: fov angle value was set in theta angle edit field of preview tab when changing perspective.

                  Raytracing: Parallel projection mode for one view was taken over by the following ones during calculation.

                  Lighting calculation: In rare cases cylindrical/vertical illuminance delivered slightly incorrect results.

                  The function to insert a street scene works now as expected.




                  Suspension height for luminaires with undefined mounting type

                  Add button, when room has no linked evaluation area


                  Evaluation area type can be changed into cube or measuring area


                  Distance between objects in field groups

                  Insert 3D object behaviour

                  Changing direction for measuring point when type has changed

                  Crash while inserting a view area

                  Crash while opening white balance dialog




                  Luminaires which are imported from ReluxNet can be configured in Relux, if the product offers accessories or alternative equipments.

                  Interface between ReluxDesktop and ReluxCAD for Revit, allowing to exchange projects between Revit and ReluxDesktop. The project format had to be modified, earlier program version (e.g. ReluxSuite) cannot read such projects.

                  Standard lighting calculations can be started minimized without interrupting workflow

                  Possibility to calculate coefficient of variation for measuring surfaces

                  Possibility to calculate Glare rating for measuring surfaces

                  Option to ignore outer floor geometry for exterior projects to prevent artefacts caused by overlapping planar surfaces in calculated luminance views

                  Separate coordinates window


                  The properties view for all objects in the scene bar has been redesigned, coming with less tabs and more options.

                  Removed ReluxOffer

                  Changes in RGB dimming values as well as lamp color are reflected by Light emitting surfaces in uncalculated views

                  ReluxTunnel: New option to set the mounting point of a luminaire to the bottom side.


                  Wrongly placed sketch on escape route output

                  Various bugs have been fixed

                  Incorrect initial direction of sensors when being placed on room surfaces

                  Missing redraw of sensor symbols when being initially placed

                  Dimming activation state of existing luminaires was overwritten when being replaced by newly selected luminaires from the product selector

                  Dynamic Planning: luminaire switch on/off didn't work anymore

                  Dynamic Planning: switching luminaire type didn't function anymore

                  Dynamic Planning: crash when quickly changing measuring surfaces in scene tree

                  Dynamic Planning: In rare circumstances illuminance values in “Results view” were mistakenly highlighted in red due to rounding errors

                  Raytracing: -gi Parameter didn’t calculate illuminance results

                  Raytracing: daylight calculation using CIE intermediate Sky model delivered incorrect results

                  Importing a photometry in Eulumdat format with multiple equipments, the CRI was displayed instead of the colour.

                  For scenes which are improper according to the DB guidelines, e.g. irregular luminaire distances or polygonal areas, the starting position for the observer was not optimal.

                  For the TI observers the adjustments to the number of steps or the step size now behave as desired.

                  ReluxStreet: A double click in the floor plan window caused a reset of the R-Table and other parameters.

                  ReluxCAD: Ambiguous names of product images in the parts list caused a crash

                  Global settings for settings like placing grid has been revised




                  minor translation changes




                  ReluxEnergyCH: Resizable startup dialog.


                  Street lighting: Wrong calculation plane height on vertical and semi-cylindrical table outputs.

                  Street lighting: If a border area is used for luminance calculation it was not possible to switch the observer direction.

                  Dynamic Planning: Random crashes when quickly selecting measuring planes in project tree.

                  Minor bugs and null pointer crash.




                  ReluxEnergyCH and ReluxTunnel: did not recognize software-based (without USB hardlock) network licences.

                  Dimmed luminous flux values were not considered for UGR computation in artificial lighting calculations.

                  Design object flag was not considered for single measuring points during calculation.

                  Raytracing: Single windows belonging to a row didn't have a unique id. This could have led to incorrect daylight results when window precalculation was active.

                  Sensor calculation: Fixed rare crash when sensors are selected.

                  Sensor calculation: Fixed missing display refresh of detection areas after changing number of grouped sensors.

                  Raytracing: Fixed rare crash after message about sceneid mismatch.

                  Crash when clicking the luminance nodes in the the results window.

                  Display error on multi-page summary output for street projects.

                  Rotated user coordinates system led to erroneous coordinate values in the property window.

                  Rounding error on dwg/dxf export.



                  Dynamic Planning: Optimization of mast luminaires export.


                  Open scene after selection in storey tree.

                  Dynamic Planning: Dimming values were not considered after drag&drop of luminaire into scene.

                  Dynamic Planning: Potential crash when an error message occurs.

                  Dynamic Planning: Changes in number of raster points for a measuring plane were not recognized.

                  Additional geo of luminaire having invalid dimensions triggered error message.

                  Raytracing: Perforated plate material didn't have uv declarations exported. This could have led to undesired illuminance results.

                  Potential crash when exporting results to Excel Sheet.

                  EnergyCH: Duplicating a luminaire on the luminaire tab always duplicated the first entry.

                  Manual adjustments to the nominal values (EN12464, …) did not persist.

                  Faulty additional seperating line on the exterior summary output.

                  Minor bugs in the output for pedestrian crossings.



                  Array groups.

                  Single measuring point for illuminance (Ev, Eh, En,...) .

                  Summary output for measuring points.

                  Summary page for all measuring surfaces in exterior scenes.

                  Summary output for grouped measuring surfaces.

                  Drag&drop observer points like UGR, GR, TI, camera observer.

                  Creating multiple solar diagrams per scene.

                  Pedestrian crossing as new object with special settings and output according to DIN 67523-2:2010 and SLG202:2016.

                  Setting symbol size.

                  Option to cancel all running or pending lighting calculations.

                  Button in Dyn. planning ribbon area for quickly leaving this mode.


                  Animation for Observer GR/TI in 3D view.

                  Result overview for street optimised.

                  Project data page for tunnel improved.

                  Luminous intensity point results will now directly be displayed in the result bar.

                  Dimming can be disabled for luminaires having lamp colors enabled.


                  Wrong behaviour in coordinates view.

                  Crash when printing a document with more than 999 pages.

                  Height of reference plane in user defined nominal values has been overwritten by the uniformity value.

                  In some rare cases the product selector showed a negative system power.

                  For luminaires from ReluxNet which did not have an equipment, the light flux was overwritten with 0 Lumen.

                  Sometimes changes in scene names were not saved.

                  Calculation raster changes for cuboids and faces were not saved.

                  Illuminance table output wasn't correctly formatted when using US units (foot).

                  In rare cases raytracing projects could not be calculated due to object-id collisions.

                  Dynamic planning:: Illuminance calculation in scenes having emergency planes placed didn’t work correctly.

                  Dynamic planning: Fixed missing refresh of illuminance values after deleting an object..

                  ReluxDesktop 2017.1.13.0


                  ReluxTunnel: Licence could not be found.

                  Cutting from horizontal measuring surfaces being upside-down was wrong.

                  Bug in false color output for emergency lighting.

                  ReluxDesktop 2017.1.12.0


                  ReluxTunnel: Customized curves can now also be read from CSV files.

                  Dynamic Planning: Progress bar added to status bar.

                  Summarized result overview for groups containing multiple measuring surfaces.


                  Offset when inserting rows now defaults to 0.


                  ReluxTunnel: Sometimes old tunnel projects could only be calculated after selecting the R-Table again.

                  ReluxTunnel: The modes "Dim to 50%", "Dim to 30%" with only one control group led to non-optimal results in automatic placement.

                  ReluxEnergyCH: Rounding errors for the transmission factor when importing rooms from Relux projects.

                  ReluxCAD: Luminaire changes have not been saved in the Relux project when switching to Relux had been aborted by the user.

                  Easylux: Wrong alignment for luminaires corrected.

                  Easylux: Display issues for luminaires without luminous flux corrected.

                  Crash after undoing ray tracing calculation.

                  Dynamic Planning: Crash when closing Relux.

                  Dynamic Planning: Some types of street luminaires could not be deleted.

                  Dynamic Planning+Undo/Redo: "Rotate around axis” operation is supported.

                  Cutting architectural objects out of measuring plane results failed sometimes.

                  Nominal values for emerg. calculations could not be changed due to initially set values of 0lx.

                  Luminaires have been displaced in exterior scenes when changing the luminaire type.

                  Occasional crash when changing tunnel respectively street parameters.

                  Faulty group initialization when converting groups from old ReluxSuite projects.

                  Wrong luminous heights when using some types of photometric files in IES format.

                  Set correct insert point after creating row groups.

                  Set correct luminaire height after placing a new mirror group.

                  Wrong us-units for prism settings corrected.

                  Rounding error while checking the uniformity values against its nominal values.

                  UGR observer output froze when an angle range of 0 degree was set for the observer.

                  ReluxDesktop 2017.1.11.0


                  Walls are available as target for rows over path function

                  Set number when inserting a new row group

                  While moving an object, press “Space” to rotate the object by 90 degrees


                  Alignment for row groups now editable by value and is synchronized with orientation

                  Illuminance values are displayed oriented in result table output


                  Keeping rotation and height after creating a group

                  Wrong object size in the coordinates tab

                  Display problem for background images when view changed from storey to scene

                  Issues with edit in the “Edit Library”-Dialog

                  When performing relux express spare room removed

                  In the result overview sometimes the user profile's name got cropped

                  Raytracing: Wrong interflection parameter was passed in standard mode

                  Dynamic Planning: cloning of meshes led to error message when starting this mode

                  Global setting for additional evaluation areas was ignored in the Relux Express wizard

                  “Invalid parameter” error message appeared when clicking on empty dimming listbox

                  Degree of reflection was not correctly stated for semitransparent walls in floor plan print overview

                  Old street projects may have been converted incompletely

                  Storing default values for street optimization works now correctly

                  Overlaps in the street result overview are fixed

                  Luminaires with multiple light outputs were sometimes displayed incorrectly

                  Large negative values could appear for RGB flux when not set in luminaire database

                  ReluxDesktop 2017.1.10.0


                  ReluxCAD now supports AutoCAD 2018

                  ReluxDesktop now imports AutoCAD 2018 drawings


                  Enabled altering object properties for free groups when all objects have the same type


                  ReluxEnergyCH: deleting a luminaire on the luminaire tab always deleted the first entry

                  ReluxEnergyCH: option "no sun protection" was missing

                  ReluxEnergyCH: wrong nominal values for utilization “Kühlraum”

                  ReluxTunnel: crash when inserting a tunnel scene to an existing project

                  ReluxTunnel: default values for new tunnel projects corrected

                  ReluxStreet: wrong number in false color legend

                  Easylux: room type was not considered for maintenance factor

                  Easylux: solved string mismatch in room type combobox

                  Dynamic planning: brightness and tone mapping changes were not applied in some cases

                  Import problems with multiple sensor types from ReluxNet

                  Potential crash while updating scene tree

                  ReluxDesktop 2017.1.9.0


                  ReluxEnergyCH for SIA 387/4

                  Import/Export layout and customized commands

                  Dynamic planning: pending calculations can now be aborted


                  Importing multiple ReCAD files (.asc) simultaneously was limited to 8 files


                  Background color for movies corrected

                  Assign material for faces

                  Tooltip for long luminaire names in edit library dialog

                  Increased number of rooms displayed in the room drop down list

                  Copy/Paste of text in property dialog

                  Update grid size in ribbon bar after changing it in the settings dialog

                  Crash during moving the user coordinate system

                  In some cases an id collision appeared when performing a raytracing calculation

                  Crash when closing calculation manager while a raytracing preview is still running

                  Dynamic planning: crashes when deleting objects during an image render

                  Dynamic planning: potential crash when deleting objects during value computation

                  Luminous intensity calc didn't work anymore

                  ReluxStreet: The BATCH calculation handles now correctly various maintenance factors

                  ReluxStreet: P-Classes didn’t work correctly when optimizing and listing

                  The distance calculation for emergency lighting had problems with small distances

                  Crash after modifying a combination luminaire while result windows were open

                  Sensor characteristics were shown in illuminance false colour result output

                  Saving a project over a network share could fail with SQLITE_IO or SQLITE_BUSY error prompt if the network connection got lost temporarily. e.g. during sleep/hibernate mode of the OS

                  ReluxDesktop 2017.1.8.0


                  Relux Binaries have been signed to minimize false positives thrown by antivirus software

                  3D Mountain plot icon in the result ribbon


                  Shadiness result was not created when cylindrical result had been added

                  Arrow length of calc raster points changed orientation when using very small measuring surfaces

                  Added safety checks in case undo/redo actions have no valid room id

                  Crash when deleting evaluation area

                  Crash when editing room structure or material properties

                  Ray Tracing: Some daylight calculations couldn’t be run or produced visual artefacts

                  Ray Tracing: Overall optimizations with respect to quality of image results

                  ReluxDesktop 2017.1.7.0


                  Wrong behaviour for pasted objects over clipboard format

                  Daylight factor table results didn’t appear in output tab in some rare cases

                  Reflectance values were missing for structural elements in print preview.

                  Some ldc files having inconsistent metadata were incorrectly interpreted by the raytracer

                  Some projects could not be calculated when using raytracing

                  ReluxDesktop 2017.1.6.0


                  For P classes, the additional criteria Ev,min Esc,min can be disabled

                  Optimizing street arrangements works now also with P classes (only main criteria Em and Emin)

                  Own combination luminaires could only be changed while the original luminaire head was still contained in the library. Now it works even after it has been deleted.


                  Freestanding luminaires imported from ReluxNet, were sometimes initially not placed on the floor

                  Creating boolean groups could fail using Relux prisms.

                  ReluxDesktop 2017.1.5.0


                  Problems updating to 2017.1.4.0 from 2017.1.3.0

                  Context sensitive ribbon tabs (e.g. Luminaire tools, Planning tools, ...) have not been activated when working with minimized ribbons

                  ReluxDesktop 2017.1.4.0


                  Holding the CTRL key while drawing polygonal objects limits next point to 45° angles


                  Relux could not be used in offline modus

                  Erroneous shed roof properties

                  Current tariff in daylight efficiency could hardly be changed

                  ReluxDesktop 2017.1.3.0


                  CAD Snap when creating groups

                  Show/hide aiming arrows, ldc and/or cplanes for all or just selected luminaires

                  Dimming values can be chosen from a list of ones currently in use

                  EasyLux calculations can now be paused and continued

                  Increased speed for Upward Light ratio (ULR) computation


                  In 3D views settings changes for the camera position hadn’t any effect

                  Global settings for maintenance factor were adopted incorrectly

                  Crash when dimming luminaires if dynamic planning is not active

                  Test point coordinates for solar graph diagrams were overwritten with default ones

                  When solar graph calc had been actived, detailed calculation settings were not used

                  Relux froze when trying to lock radiance views

                  Erroneous locking of radiance views

                  Last radiance views could not be removed

                  After changing the type of a measuring surface into an emergency area the nominal value for the minimum was not stored and the pseudo colours view was empty

                  Sliders in dimming properties did not update when switching combi luminaire off

                  Crashes in Relux Express Wizard

                  Crash when dropping rolfz file from ReluxNet

                  "Calculate points inside objects" option was ignored

                  Crash during program start fixed

                  Raytracing calculations were not correctly canceled and could continue running in the background

                  In certain situations the displayed result of boolean operations was incorrect in dynamic planning mode

                  Incorrect display of progress during ULR computation

                  Dynamic planning mode could enter paused state without apparent reason when trying to clone partial objects of 3d meshes

                  ReluxDesktop 2017.1.2.0


                  Labeling luminaire type in project tree

                  Option “Delete outside objects” in fields

                  Row groups with fix number and fix distance

                  Sensor characteristic colors changeable

                  Dynamic planning: Experimental white balance support

                  Error code when ReluxDesktop sign-in failed


                  ReluxStreet: Drag&Drop behaviour for luminaires

                  ReluxStreet & ReluxTunnel: context menu order

                  Add-ons: link for licence activations (http instead of https, https does not work according to Wibu support)


                  Duplicate multi-selection now available

                  Sensor characteristics of combination luminaires could not be displayed

                  Duplicate street & tunnel work correctly

                  Saving the state (icon size, list, icon type) for product, furniture and material list

                  Result overview: defect corrected for option “print complete floor plan”

                  Result overview: wise pagebreak for long GR / TI-observer lists

                  Raytracer and Relux used different uv coordinate systems for room surfaces

                  Wrong rendering of objects in 3D pseudo color view corrected

                  Calculation parameter correctly initialized for newly created rooms

                  Crash during program start fixed

                  ReluxStreet: optimizer improved

                  ReluxTunnel: visualisation for semi-circle shaped tunnels improved

                  ReluxTunnel: wrong road markings for lanes corrected

                  ReluxDesktop 2017.1.1.0


                  Orientation tab added to group properties


                  Improved stability and rendering quality for dynamic planning


                  iGuzzini plugin crashed

                  ReluxTunnel settings Dialog was opened with wrong page