“ReluxCAD for Revit” with new features


We have equipped the add-on "ReluxCAD for Revit" with new innovative and intelligent functions that allow the user to work more efficiently and to further optimize the process with Revit.

    • Calculation areas

    • Free ceiling shapes

    • LDT, IES, ROLFz import

Convince yourself and update now or test the full version 30 days free of charge.

Have fun with planning!

Your RELUX Team

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Note for ReluxDesktop users: To be able to fully use the new functions of this add-on in ReluxDesktop, please update to ReluxDesktop version 2021.1.3.0. or higher.

Check all the new features:

Calculation areas

Calculation areas could now be created by picking any area. The offset to the area could be set directly in the ribbon. With calculation areas it is possible to analyse the lighting values of any task area or other vertical / horizontal / tilted area. The values of each calculation area are stored as property of the area itself and could be accessed by the ReluxCAD for Revit room manager or the room schedules. Even outdoor calculations are now directly in Revit possible with the calculation areas.

Video Calculation areas interior: 

Video Calculation areas exterior scenes:

Free ceiling shapes

Lighting calculations for scenes with any ceiling forms are now possible with this update. Do you pass on the lighting design to external lighting designers who work with the programme Relux Desktop? Of course, the export function takes into account the possibility of different ceiling shapes. 

Video Free ceiling shape: 

LDT, IES, ROLFz import

It is possible to drag and drop Eulumdats (LDT), IES files and ROLFz (ReluxNet) directly into Revit via the ReluxCAD for Revit luminaire area. No more Relux Desktop needed for this routine.  

Video LDT, IES, ROLFz import: 

These functions have been additionally developed and optimized for you:

    • False colours in 3D

    • RELUX false colour scale

    • False colours- and visibility- options

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