New Member - Integral LED

New Member - Integral LED

We are pleased to announce that Integral LED is back in the brand portfolio as a Relux member. We are inviting you to find out more about Integral LED products and place the newly available luminaires from the Relux database in your planning.

Thanks to Relux Members, their products can be placed free of charge by ReluxDesktop users.

Products from Integral LED on ReluxNET  

Over 560 products from Integral LED are now in the Relux database.
The products are also directly available in ReluxDesktop.

At the leading edge of the industry, Integral LED provides high-quality designer LED lighting solutions for a range of commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality and residential applications. A wide range of products of the highest quality can be fulfilled by a single source.

Over the last 10 years, Integral LED has grown rapidly by focusing on engineering market leading solutions that maximise the efficiency, reliability, and connectivity of LED lighting. This year they have launched 200 lm/W luminaires, SMART lighting that utilises mesh networks, and Emergency lighting solutions. Their product range is constantly evolving and focuses on Specification and Trade, as well as the development of products with Power & CCT switching, dimming functionality, controls, and improved performance and efficacy.

All products are rigorously tested in an in-house, state-of-the-art lighting laboratory to meet or exceed lighting metrics and standards before being launched to the trade. This has resulted in industry-leading quality control and exceptional reliability, backed by the Lighting Industry Association’s quality assurance certification.

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New Member - Integral LED
Relux Informatik AG, Fabio Tamborrini 26 June, 2023
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