New Member - BURRI

New Member - BURRI public elements

As a RELUX member, BURRI public elements is making its database available on ReluxNet. Explore over 150 products from BURRI public elements  and plan your projects with luminaires specially designed for lighting in public spaces.

Thanks to RELUX members, our users can plan with these products in ReluxDesktop and use them in documentations absolutely free of charge.

Products from BURRI on ReluxNet

Specialist in lighting for public spaces
As a competence centre for public spaces, BURRI strives to give people a feeling of safety and security. They should be able to orient themselves effortlessly and use the space efficiently.

BURRI's lighting solutions are specially tailored to these needs and include both standard products and customised solutions. Functionality and aesthetics take centre stage.

lIllumination of town square in Aarberg with custom-made luminaires from BURRI

Specialist in lighting for public spaces

Sustainable solutions are created by taking a comprehensive view of the entire life cycle of BURRI products. In concrete terms, this means that the design, development, and production of the luminaires take place in Switzerland and that they are designed for longevity and reuse (second life). By integrating digital technologies and intelligent sensors, BURRI's lighting solutions are not only innovative but also extremely energy-efficient.

Seamless integration in RELUX

Thanks to BURRI's collaboration with RELUX, it has been possible to seamlessly integrate the product data into the RELUX platform. This gives planners and designers access to 3D product information, enabling realistic and precise simulation and planning.

This integration is now available for the entire standard range and can also be accessed in the BIM REVIT system. The data is dynamically linked to the BURRI PIM system and is updated automatically.

Integrating BURRI products into public spaces has never been easier.

Download ReluxDesktop

Update or download to the latest ReluxDesktop version to take advantage of the latest features such as the 3D real-time renderer.


New Member - BURRI
Relux Informatik AG, Thomas Rüegg 6 June, 2024
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