ReluxEnergyCH / Update SIA 387/4:2023 + ProKilowatt

ReluxEnergyCH / Product Update

Verify ProKilowatt limits for funding contributions with ReluxEnergyCH (Projects for Switzerland) - Update SIA 387/4:2023 + ProKilowatt.

Our add-on ReluxEnergyCH is now featuring the latest standards SIA 387/4:2023 and ProKilowatt. Easily create an energy-efficient plan and obtain an energy certificate based on the SIA 387/4:2023 standard. Unlock funding opportunities for your project in Switzerland.

The promotion program of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy supports efficiency measures that reduce electricity consumption. The funding contribution can amount to up to 30% of the investment costs.

Project submissions for 2024 started on November 6, 2023!

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Users of existing ReluxEnergyCH licenses need to update to the latest ReluxDesktop version (from 2023.1.9 onwards) to take advantage of the newly integrated standards in ReluxEnergyCH.

Features in ReluxEnergyCH
ReluxEnergyCH serves as the calculation and verification tool for large lighting installations according to the SIA 387/4:2023 standard. The add-on is Minergie certified and also complies with the ProKilowatt limits set by the Federal Office of Energy .

The program is tailored to Swiss standards and guides you through the input of necessary details for your project in five simple steps.

You can import existing Excel files and RELUX projects to create the room schedule and its standard usage. You also have access to the optically correct products of our industry partners . Additional limits and target values are available for Minergie  and ProKilowatt .

Discover the criteria for submitting your projects at
Gain insight into realized lighting projects at .


ReluxEnergyCH with ReluxDesktop is the
perfect combination for energy-efficient planning and energy certification.

Michael Strub, Software Developer
RELUX Informatik AG

ReluxEnergy CH,

More about ProKilowatt

The ProKilowatt program from the Federal Office of Energy supports efforts to reduce electricity usage. It can provide up to 30% of the investment costs for energy-efficient planning, aiming to encourage the upgrade of existing installations and investment in new, super-efficient technologies.

ReluxEnergyCH / Update SIA 387/4:2023 + ProKilowatt
Relux Informatik AG, Rafael Wagner 13 November, 2023
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