ReluxCAD for Revit / Update 2024.1.8.

ReluxCAD for Revit – update 2024.1.8. Extension emergency lighting

With our add-on 'ReluxCAD for Revit,' we make it possible plan lighting and sensors in Revit following EN 1838 standards closing the loop in BIM.

We've upgraded the add-on for emergency lighting planning with new tools that simplify the process. Particularly, the new Live Results feature enables immediate visualization during planning.

There is a significant efficiency boost by optimizing the performance. The calculation and export of large projects can be processed up to 3 times faster.

Find more details in the video of the latest episode of FUN with RELUX.

Newly added features

Update ReluxCAD for Revit and take advantage of the new features. 

PS: We have updated the existing Self-Study and added content for emergency lighting planning. Easily expand your know-how with our e-learning modules. Benefit from our limited welcoming offer.  


The update to the latest version is free of charge and can be done directly within the software.

ReluxCAD for Revit

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Valid due 30 June 2024
Learn to use new features in ReluxCAD for Revit
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SelfStudy ReluxCAD for Revit
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Free for new Revit users


Valid due 30 June 2024
Learn using new features in emergency lighting planning



What's new in ReluxCAD for Revit?

Automatic placement
of emergency luminaires

The required number of safety lights to achieve the minimum illuminance can be easily placed automatically.

Emergency lighting pictograms
as separate RFAs

The plugin contains emergency lighting pictograms as RFA which can be placed directly into the project.

Emergency 3D objects from ReluxNet

3D objects from ReluxNet can be placed directly into the Revit project. This includes safety objects such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, alarm buttons, etc.

Live Results

Results of lighting calculations can be visualized in real time. The minimum of illuminance as well as the uniformity are taken into account.

Emergency lighting

These features for emergency lighting planning are already integrated into the current version 2024.

- New emergency lighting ribbon

    - RFAs with emergency lighting information

    - Define fixtures as emergency lights

    - Emergency lighting pictograms for fixtures

    - Emergency lighting measurement areas (anti-panic, escape Routes and high-risk areas)

    - Usage profile assignment for high-risk areas

    - Emergency lighting calculation

    - Calculation of I Max

     - Emergency lighting room manager

    - Emergency lighting outputs (lists, false colours, plans)

    - Filter option in fixture selection


I find the new features, especially Live Results very helpful.
It visualises the results of calculations in real time
which makes the assessment possible right away.
ReluxCAD for Revit is our contribution for efficient BIM planning.

Matthias Wyss, Software Developer
RELUX Informatik AG

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ReluxCAD for Revit / Update 2024.1.8.
Relux Informatik AG, Rafael Wagner 17 October, 2023
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