ReluxDesktop 2022.2 - Display options for CAD plans and background images

ReluxDesktop 2022.2 - Luminaire list

ReluxDesktop 2022.2 - EN 12464-1:2021 / US best practice / usage profiles

ReluxCAD for Revit 2022.1.12.0 - Performance improvement

ReluxCAD for Revit 2022.1.12.0 - Extended export functions

What is new in ReluxDesktop? - FAQ - Version 2022.1.0.0

What is new in ReluxCAD for Revit? - FAQ - Version 2022.1.0.0

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ReluxCAD for Revit 2022.1 - Light calculation for exterior scenes

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ReluxDesktop - How to create a mast for a street light?

ReluxDesktop - How to create a mast for a street light?

ReluxDesktop - Geolocation

ReluxDesktop - iesXML

ReluxDesktop - PDF Import

ReluxDesktop - Product position

ReluxDesktop - Result outputs

ReluxDesktop - Result tab

ReluxCAD for Revit 2022.1 - Free ceiling shapes

ReluxCAD for Revit 2022.1 - LDT, IES and ROLFz import

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Dynamic Planning

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