3D room scanner for RELUX
The Metaroom app allows you to digitise your rooms quickly and easily. Windows, furniture and objects
including light sources** are detected. You receive the scan result as a ReluxDesktop file.

**Recognition of light sources will soon be enabled

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and test it on the iPhone Pro or iPad Pro. *

*iPhone Pro starting from series 12 with LiDAR scanner
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What can Metaroom do?

The Metaroom by Amrax® 3D scanning app provides true-to-scale 3D models of rooms with detailed information on furniture*, colours and textures* – all seamlessly integrated into the RELUX lighting design software. The digital twin is created within minutes using RGB and depth sensors from iPhones Pro or iPads Pro combined with neural deep learning networks. The accuracy of LiDAR sensors of the Apple iPhone Pro is 0.5-1%, installed starting from iPhone Pro 12 and iPhone Pro 12 Max and from iPad Pro 11” (gen. 2) and iPad Pro 12.9” (gen. 4). The detection range is approximately 5 metres.

The combination of AMRAX and RELUX cutting-edge technologies enables users to utilise 3D scan data directly in the lighting design software for the first time.

Thanks to the successful collaboration between AMRAX and RELUX, an innovative functionality has been developed: the automated recognition of existing luminaires**.

This will enable further efficiency optimisations in the replacement of old fluorescent luminaires.

Windows, doors, objects and even lights** are interpreted by the app.
It's this easy!
Digitise the room in 3 steps
1. Scan
Digitise rooms
in a matter of seconds.
2. See
Objects and luminaires**
are detected.
3. Collaborate
Metaroom provides a file that can be read and processed directly in ReluxDesktop.
Scanning is carried out using the LiDAR sensor.
Installed starting from iPhone Pro 12 and iPhone Pro 12 Max

The ReluxDesktop project file serves as the basis for the lighting design. [right]
Tutorial Video
Scan rooms with Metaroom App and import and edit them in ReluxDesktop
Save time and resources
Digitise rooms
quickly and easily
Use 3D data
in ReluxDesktop
Increase productivity
and efficiency
Plans and Pricing
SaaS subscription model based on number of exported rooms.
The number of scans is unlimited. There are costs associated with the download.

Amrax Pricing
«We are thrilled to be working with RELUX. RELUX's expertise in lighting design is second to none. By joining forces, we offer a comprehensive solution with an integrated workflow that combines the power of our 3D scanning technology with advanced lighting design capabilities.»

Martin Huber
CEO Amrax®
«This partnership has the potential to revolutionise the way sales representatives can interact with their customers. By combining our capabilities, we are able to offer users significant added value even in the first version, and we are only at the start of the possibilities.»

Markus Hegi
CEO RELUX Informatik AG
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More information on the Metaroom® app

Metaroom® FAQ


Intellectual Property
AMRAX holds 10 patent applications
System requirements for Metaroom®
Scanning is carried out using the LiDAR sensor. Installed starting from iPhone Pro 12 and iPhone Pro 12 Max and from iPad Pro 11” (gen. 2) and iPad Pro 12.9” (gen. 4).
Development roadmap
  • • 2D & 3D view
  • • Mass
  • • Furniture
  • • Textures
  • • Colours
  • • Automated recognition of light sources**
  • • Multi-Room Floor Plan
**Recognition of light sources will soon be enabled
Revolutionary light planning. Jointly developed
Amrax®, the technology platform behind Metaroom®, Austria, is a deep-tech
software company in the field of semantic 3D room reconstruction using mobile sensor technology
specialising in the field of commercial interior design for furniture
and lighting.
RELUX Informatik AG, Switzerland, is an established company that has been specialised
in the development of lighting planning and product presentation software for over 25 years.