Metaroom / Update (MultiRoom)

Metaroom / Update (MultiRoom)

Digitise entire floors with the Metaroom app and plan them in ReluxDesktop! 

We have exiting news to share!

With the advanced 3D scanning app Metaroom®, entire buildings can now be digitised thanks to the "MultiRoom" function! We are happy to inform you about the latest developments and improvements in the app and Metaroom Studio. The two components provide the perfect foundation for the lighting planning of existing rooms.

Digitizing rooms has never been this effortless. Capture floors and entire buildings in a snap! Windows and furniture are also recognizable. Download the scan result as a ReluxDesktop file and process it further. Save yourself the tedious work of manually digitizing existing rooms and buildings. To view the step-by-step process from scanning to lighting planning in ReluxDesktop, watch the video below.

The Metaroom® app is available for free in the Apple App Store.

Learn all the details of scanning, editing and importing files into ReluxDesktop in the detailed blog post

Hint for scanning with MultiRoom

Scan the rooms sequentially. Click on "Stop" to finish and start scanning a new room. The model is then automatically merged.

Hardware information

The scanning process involves the utilization of the LiDAR sensor. It is incorporated in to the latest models since the iPhone Pro 12 and iPhone Pro 12 Max, as well as in the iPad Pro 11” (2nd Gen) and iPad Pro 12.9” (4th Gen). To use the MultiRoom function, the operating system must be updated to iOS17 and the new Metaroom app must be downloaded.

More about Metaroom

Free credits to try

10 free credits for new users. Credits allow the export of rooms from Metaroom Studio to ReluxDesktop. Once these are depleted, new credits can be purchased. The credits are added directly in Metaroom Studio upon creating an account.

Create an account:


More at 

The export from Metaroom to ReluxDesktop
explained step by step


Capture entire buildings by using the MultiRoom feature

Revolutionizing lighting planning in ReluxDesktop with Metaroom 

Update to the latest ReluxDesktop version now to correctly interpret and import scanned rooms with MultiRoom.


Register at now and secure free credits as a new customer. Credits only deduct when exporting files from Metaroom Studio. This way you have the opportunity to scan rooms without depleting your credits. Revolutionize your planning processes now!

Features of the Metaroom app

- Provides to-scale 3D models of rooms with detailed information of furniture, colors, and textures
- Integratable into the lighting planning software ReluxDesktop
- Digital copies of rooms are created within minutes using iPhones Pro or iPads Pro in combination with neural deep learning networks
- Enables precise and detailed lighting and sensor planning for every room
- Time-saving in creating plans for lighting planning
- MultiRoom - scan entire floors and buildings
- Luminaire detection - exclusively in RELUX! (coming soon)
- FAQ Metaroom

Learn more about Amrax
Amrax® is the technology platform behind Metaroom® based in Austria. They are a deep-tech software company specializing in the field of semantic 3D reconstruction using mobile sensors, with a focus on commercial interior planning for furniture and lighting.

Metaroom / Update (MultiRoom)
Relux Informatik AG, Rafael Wagner 25 October, 2023
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