New! Metaroom® room scanner for Relux
Test the new 3D-Scan-App now!

With the Metaroom® App, you may scan your rooms quickly and easily. Windows and furniture are recognised. You receive the scan result as a ReluxDesktop file.

The App is in test mode until mid-2023 and can be tested free of charge until then. Learn more in the video.

Please register now for a test access and try the app exclusively.

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What can the 3D Metaroom®
scan app do?
  • Provides true-to-scale 3D models of rooms with detailed information on furniture, colours and textures
  • Can be imported into Relux lighting planning software
  • Digital twins are created within minutes with iPhones Pro or iPads Pro in combination with neural deep learning networks
  • Precise and detailed lighting and sensor planning for each room made possible
  • Time saving in the creation of plans for lighting planning
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Amrax & Relux Partnership
"We are thrilled to be working with RELUX. RELUX's expertise in lighting design is second to none. By joining forces, we offer a comprehensive solution with an integrated workflow that combines the power of our 3D scanning technology with advanced lighting design capabilities."

Martin Huber
CEO, Amrax®
"This partnership has the potential to revolutionise the way sales representatives can interact with their customers. By combining our capabilities, we are able to offer users significant added value even in the first version, and we are only at the start of the possibilities."

Markus Hegi
CEO, Relux Informatik AG
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Learn more about Amrax

Amrax®, the technology platform behind Metaroom®, from Austria, is a deep-tech software company in the field of semantic 3D room reconstruction using mobile sensor technology specialising in the field of commercial interior design for furniture and lighting.
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