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ReluxCAD for Revit - Update 2022.1.12.0

We have upgraded the professional lighting design add-on "ReluxCAD for Revit" with new features. The speed has been improved, the surrounding areas in the outdoor area can now be calculated and complex single luminaires are supported. In addition to the improved performance, we have added other features, such as the extended export functions and the high-resolution false color display.

Take a direct look at the new features here:

All functions are included in the new update of ReluxCAD for Revit. Update now and plan even more efficiently.

Have fun with your planning!
Your RELUX Team

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Note for "ReluxCAD for Revit" users: 
You can update to the newest version for free directly within the program.

"RELUX is ready for the future, because they are connected to BIM. And BIM is the future."

Léon de Wit, Lighting Designer

What is new in ReluxCAD for Revit?


Performance improvement
Thanks to the improved performance of ReluxCAD for Revit, lighting designs can be realised and calculated much faster in Revit.

Please have a look at the comparison in the video

Task areas containing a surrounding area
In addition to a measuring surface, the surrounding areas can also be calculated.

High resolution false colour diagram
Measurement areas can be extended with more calculation points to display false colour results more accurately.

Support of complex individual luminaires
 Support of custom luminaires containing joints or multiple lightsources.

Extended export functions
New functions in the export window make it possible for exterior scenes, to export only visible parts of the building to ReluxDesktop.

Have a look at the video about it

Update ReluxCAD for Revit
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Release Notes


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