ReluxTunnel Update 2.0 (2022)
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A major update has been released to our popular software for planning the lighting in tunnel projects "ReluxTunnel". Plan standard-compliant adaptation lighting for your tunnel project in just a few steps. Benefit from the flexibility of your planning tool from the inputs right through to the documentation.

Draw up tunnel calculations on the basis of the current standards. The application will compile and position your luminaires automatically on the basis of the pre-set values you have entered, ensuring compliance with the standard. Various switching and dimming groups permit flexible profiles for tunnel installations.

Opt for the market-leading tunnel planning software and conduct your planning easily and efficiently with the add-on for ReluxDesktop. RELUX software provides a broad range of calculation values in compliance with the standards and thus offers massive added value for lighting planning in tunnel projects. The update includes new, practical functions which, by the way, were requested by the users themselves.

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«Plan standard-compliant adaptation lighting for your tunnel project in just a few steps. Benefit from the flexibility of your planning tool from the inputs right through to the documentation»

Klaus Heiss, Vice CTO Relux Informatik AG

The new features in ReluxTunnel 2.0
Alignment to updated national standards
The first version of ReluxTunnel was released in 2009. Since then, numerous national standards have been revised and updated. The latest update incorporates changes and additions resulting from these revised standards.

DIN 67524-1/2:2019|2011   
VSS 40 551 1-4:2019 

Users have a great deal of freedom to select the settings they require in the program. The current national standards are available for planning.
Different tunnel shapes –
now elliptical and arched
Different tunnel shapes can be selected in ReluxTunnel. The program offers a choice of rectangular, circular and now also elliptical or arched tunnel profiles.
Custom luminance curve as an alternative to the CIE curve
In a number of countries, adaptation lighting is no longer planned exclusively by the method published in CIE88, and custom curves can be used as an alternative. These can now also be processed in ReluxTunnel 2.0.
New dimming strategy for LED luminaires
An efficient dimming strategy for LED luminaires has a major impact on the energy consumption of a tunnel lighting system. The integrated dimming and switching strategy makes it possible to calculate luminaire dimming over the full control range.
Border areas to the right and left of the carriageway and variable lane width 
It is now possible to incorporate a number of emergency lanes or similar evaluation areas to the right and left of the carriageway.

To better represent real situations, the individual lanes of a carriageway can have different lane widths. This is particularly useful for determining the required longitudinal uniformity.

All these adaptations have necessitated an extensive revision of the calculation core. This new calculation core now also provides a sound basis for further extensions in future.
Results window in
the program interface
As is already familiar from most other sections of the program, once the calculation has been completed ReluxTunnel now also displays a summary of the results in an optional results window at the side.

«The lighting planning of tunnel projects with RELUX software is efficient and professional.

With the company Broll-Systemtechnik (BRD) I have already planned and successfully carried out three dozen of tunnel projects, both in my home country as well as abroad.»

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Pavol Hornak
Founder of the Lighting Technology Department
of the STU FEI Bratislava (SVK)

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