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NEW with 3D real-time renderer

We have enhanced the professional lighting planning software ReluxDesktop and added Enscape’s real-time renderer. Now you can view your projects in photorealistic visualisations and live presentations in a matter of seconds. The tool is available in the latest version of ReluxDesktop. Take a look at the video.

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Features of the realtime renderer
  • Realtime interaction: view your planning changes directly in the rendered visualisation, perfect for brainstorming sessions or client presentations. Dive into your drafts like never before. Experience spaces in 3D for incredibly intuitive design evaluations and optimisations.
  • Seamless integration: Enscape is integrated into ReluxDesktop, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.
  • Exports for output: save your visualisations as images and use them in your output.
Further new features in the udpate
You can find further functional enhancements directly in the software under “What’s new in ReluxDesktop?” Tip: try the real-time renderer with the new project examples!!

Thanks to our members, the ReluxDesktop software is free of charge for everyone. With a ReluxThirdParty licence, it is also possible to plan with products from non-RELUX members.

We hope we’ve made your day 😊

Your RELUX Team

By updating to the latest version of ReluxDesktop, the Enscape renderer is integrated directly into the software.
Create impressive visualisations

Visualisation made in ReluxDesktop, rendered with the real-time renderer by Enscape.

More about the real-time renderer

"The seamless integration of Enscape’s real-time renderer in ReluxDesktop brings a groundbreaking advancement to scene evaluation, offering photorealistic results."

Frank, Software Developer
(Responsible for Enscape renderer integration)
RELUX Informatik AG

News at a glance

Real-time interaction

Dive into your visualisation and have the ability to navigate through the scene using a game controller. This transforms your project into an immersive experience.

In the RELUX view, both 3D objects and lights are adjustable in real time, with the changes being displayed in a separate window. Enhance your objects with textures, resulting in photorealistic visualisations.

Seamless integration
The real-time renderer is accessible directly via a ribbon in ReluxDesktop labelled “Real-time rendering.” It offers a wide range of options for customising your view, including the ability to switch between daylight and artificial light, as well as adjust the cloud cover density for softer shading. The time of day is also adjustable, which offers the evaluation of visual lighting effects alongside the data in ReluxDesktop. Watch the tutorial video for more details.

Exports for output
Capture visualisations directly in ReluxDesktop and use them in your outputs. Impress your clients with stunning renderings of your Relux project.

How to use the real-time renderer
Tutorial video on YouTube
System requirements

Real-time rendering requires a suitable graphics card to ensure a smooth and responsive experience. View Enscape's recommendations for the system requirements.
Further features

GLDF – Global Lighting Data Format
GLDF can be imported into ReluxDesktop via drag and drop. The configuration tool allows the use of all GLDF variants. Find further information about GLDF at

Import 3D objects
Enhance your plans by importing 3D formats such as 3DS, DAE, FBX, OBJ, DXF and R3D. Further improvements have been made in the textures. Watch our Video for more information.

GAEB export
GAEB formats can now be exported. Powered by ePLATO.

Additional project examples
Did you know about the project examples in ReluxDesktop? Discover them for yourself:

ReluxDesktop > File > Help > Sample projects

We have added additional projects. Explore them with the new real-time renderer. Plus, all the 3D objects featured in the projects are free to use in ReluxDesktop. Find them in the RELUX 3D database
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Partnership Enscape & RELUX
"We are grateful for Relux’s trust in our visualisation technology and are very excited about the integration of Enscape’s rendering engine in the new ReluxDesktop version. Enscape has been serving the AEC industry for many years with its unique real-time technology, revolutionising workflows for thousands of architecture and design professionals and bringing immersive presentations to their clients. Lighting planning is a crucial part of many architectural design projects. With the help of Relux’s software, designers can now visualise lighting at a whole new level."

Christian Lang
CEO, Chaos
"We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Chaos, a leading 3D visualisation company. Designers and architects around the world use powerful Chaos tools every day. By integrating Enscape into ReluxDesktop, we can now offer our customers integrated real-time visualisation capabilities.
Relux provides its planners with the rendering engine in ReluxDesktop free of charge. Instead of expanding the existing renderer, we decided to strengthen both our businesses and provide our planners with the best renderer to date, today."

Markus Hegi
CEO, Relux Informatik AG

More about Enscape

Enscape develops high-quality real-time rendering and virtual reality software for the global AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry. Enscape integrates design and visualisation workflows, empowering designers to create realistic renderings based on their existing planning data and easily produce videos, panoramic images and VR simulations. Enscape software is used by renowned architectural companies in over 150 countries, with more than 24,000 customers and 240,000 active monthly users worldwide. The company is located in Karlsruhe, Germany, and New York, USA.
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