Exclusive luminaire detection in Metaroom® for Relux – discover the future of room scanning
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With the advanced Metaroom® 3D scanning app, entire buildings will soon be able to be digitised thanks to MultiRoom! We are thrilled to inform you about the latest developments and enhancements in the app and Metaroom Studio, giving you a sneak peek of what is coming this fall.

The digitisation of rooms is becoming straightforward, and soon you will even be able to capture entire buildings! Windows, furniture, and even light sources (anticipated in Q4) will be detectable. The scan result can be downloaded as a ReluxDesktop file for further editing. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually digitising existing spaces and buildings. Check out episode 24 of FUN with RELUX, to learn more about 3D room scanning.

The Metaroom® app is available for free on the Apple App Store.

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Important hardware information: The scanning process involves the utilization of the LiDAR sensor. It is incorporated in to the latest models since the iPhone Pro 12 and iPhone Pro 12 Max, as well as in the iPad Pro 11” (2nd Gen) and iPad Pro 12.9” (4th Gen).

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Free credits

Obtain 10 credits for new users & an additional 10 credits for existing users – all absolutely free. These credits enable the export of rooms from Amrax Studio to ReluxDesktop. Once they are used up, you can acquire new credits. Once the Amrax account is created, the credits will be promptly allocated to Amrax Studio.
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Adapted pricing

Amrax has revised the pricing model, making it even more appealing.
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Episode 24 FUN with RELUX
Topic: room scans with RELUX

(20th July 2023)
Preview 2023
Luminaire recognition - exclusivity with RELUX expected by the end of 2023

The recognition of light sources and the type of luminaires will be possible by fall 2023. This simplifies the planning process in ReluxDesktop and is particularly helpful when replacing luminaires. In the RELUX project file from Amrax Studio, the mounting position of the luminaires is indicated.

Luminaire recognition is exclusive and only possible in connection with the RELUX project format. The following elements will be captured and determined:
  • Light source
  • Light radiation
  • Precise mounting position
  • Shape and size
  • AI-based 2D and 3D segmentation
  • Unwanted detections, such as reflections, are reduced
starting from mid september 2023
Available features in ReluxDesktop
in combination with the Metaroom app
  • Transfer multiple rooms located on the same floor
  • Walls within rooms
  • Import 3D furniture
  • Carry over project names
  • Transfer a chosen set of usage profiles
Upgrade to the latest ReluxDesktop version now to import and accurately visualise scanned rooms in ReluxDesktop:

Register now at and secure free credits to test this innovation. Your credits will only be deducted when exporting files from Metaroom Studio to RELUX. You therefore have the possibility to scan rooms without any restrictions and without using up your credits. Revolutionise your planning processes now!
What can the Metaroom app do?
  • Provides true-to-scale 3D models of rooms with detailed information on furniture, colours and textures
  • Can be imported into RELUX lighting planning software
  • Digital twins are created within minutes with iPhones Pro or iPads Pro in combination with neural deep learning networks
  • Precise and detailed lighting and sensor planning for each room made possible
  • Time saving in the creation of plans for lighting planning
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Amrax®, the technology platform behind Metaroom®, from Austria, is a deep-tech software company in the field of semantic 3D room reconstruction using mobile sensor technology specialising in the field of commercial interior design for furniture and lighting.
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