ReluxDesktop – Update 2023.1

We have developed the ReluxDesktop professional lighting design software further and enhanced it with new functions. The design has been adapted and is now even more user-friendly.

Overview of the most important features

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  • New design: revision and optimisation of the design with the advantage of a better display of the function keys thanks to higher contrast
  • Ceiling objects and ceiling section model complex ceilings with 3D objects
  • Tab-view mode provides a better overview. Multiple tabs can now be docked.
  • Formula symbols have been improved in their display and the naming has been updated according to current standards
           Other features:
  • Adaptation of the doors/door handle function. This is now rotatable and flippable.
  • Hungarian language update.
  • Stability is ensured through the extensive update of the graphics driver support.

For more functional enhancements, please refer directly to the software under "What's new in ReluxDesktop?"

Thanks to our members, you can use the software free of charge. Planning with third-party products is also possible through a ThirdParty licence.

Have fun planning!
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Note for ReluxDesktop users:

Updating to the latest version can be done directly from the ReluxDesktop software.

« The new ReluxDesktop looks better than ever and has become clearer thanks to the tabs. I recommend the dark interface mode. »

Robert Heinze, CTO RELUX Informatik AG

The innovations at a glance 
New design
We have modernised the design through ReluxDesktop 2023.1 improved readability and recognisability through better contrast. The basic operating elements and layouts have been left unchanged - but graphically revised. The user interface can still be switched between light and dark (dark mode).

Ceiling objects and ceiling section
Standard 3D bodies can now be used as “ceiling elements” also. Simply tick the “Ceiling object” box in the object properties, which, for ReluxDesktop, means that the object is a ceiling including a ceiling cut-out for a lighting fixture. Thus, recessed lighting fixtures are not covered by the ceiling. This way, even complex ceilings can be modelled. To the video

Tab-View mode
Together with the design update, we have added “Tab-View mode” mode. This allows all open windows to be docked to tabs. This increases clarity and usability. The tab sequence can be changed via the mouse. Tab-View mode offers a significant advantage when working with several monitors. To the video

Tab-View can be activated thanks to an icon in the ribbon. The Tab Mode is turned off in standard use. Please tick the box in the settings in order to activate it permanently (General – Programme – User interface): Tab mode is then permanently activated.

Formula symbols
We have also improved the display of the formula symbols. At the same time, we have also changed the naming according to current standards. For example, UGR is now RUG.

Other features
  • Hungarian update (thanks to István Fodor)
  • Improved graphics card compatibility
  • Additions to the operation of the tunnel planning
  • Door can be rotated / flipped – the door handle can now be changed in the pages (to the video)

ReluxDesktop Release Notes

  ReluxDesktop Release Notes

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