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We are delighted to welcome Ovia Lighting as a new member of the Relux brand portfolio. We are inviting you to find out more about Ovia Lighting products and place the newly available products from the Relux database in your planning.

Thanks to Relux Members, their products can be placed free of charge by ReluxDesktop users. 

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New Relux-Member
Already synonymous with superior performance and innovation following eight years of success as a leading name in the lighting industry, the Ovia® brand of lighting solutions has been further developed to meet the growing opportunities that the transformed lighting industry offers.

The aim of Ovia® quite simply is to bring to market – on the back of extensive research with customers and contractors – a range of Ovia® lighting products that will provide contractors with the quickest and easiest to install lighting solutions that will save them time and money on a project and that they can source through the reliable wholesale channel.

Today, the comprehensive collection of lighting products from Ovia® will provide solutions for a whole spectrum of projects in a broad variety of sectors, including domestic, commercial, industrial, utility, amenity, emergency lighting, and floodlighting. The lighting offer is further enhanced with the inclusion of a full range of lighting control solutions that will optimise energy-saving credentials.

Ovia® guarantees its partners a range of high-quality, value-for-money products backed up by excellent local stocks, delivery service, and the ability to offer detailed product support via trained staff and installer training, making sure the end-user gets the best possible products and solutions for the job.

Almost 300 products from "Ovia Lighting" are now in the Relux database.
The products are also directly available in ReluxDesktop.

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