ReluxDesktop – Now available


That’s what Relux’s new version is all about. Download the program free of charge right now and take a look inside it. But, be careful, you could quickly become addicted to it and put your good old ReluxSuite to one side. Because who doesn't want to be able to work faster? We’ve run an experiment with users to test the efficiency of the new version. Participants were given the task of planning identical projects first with the old version, ReluxSuite, and then with the new ReluxDesktop. Users worked an average of 14% faster with the new version!

The initial version of a new program kernel has facilitated dynamic planning for indoor and outdoor installations and is being continuously expanded. At the same time, the processing durations of the raytracer are several times shorter. Put simply: the more processors your computer has, the faster you’ll work.

In the first phase, the program is being delivered in the five basic languages of DE/EN/IT/FR/ES. The other 19 languages are to follow in February. An Online help in the form of Support, a knowledge base and a community forum is available in English at

You will find further information at and on the social media channels. This e-mail also includes an initial video (see below), beginning with ReluxDesktop.

In the list below you will find a summary of everything that is new and that has been further developed. It begins with more detailed information about ReluxDesktop and then goes on to list the add-ons in ReluxDesktop and also for third-party programs.


  • Contains all the functions available to date
  • The graphic user interface is new and intuitive
  • Enables users to work 14% faster on average

New functions:

  • Dynamic planning currently with a direct fraction in real time
  • Dimming and changing light colours in real time
  • Raytracing with parallel processing
  • Comparison of actual and nominal values for current standards in real time
  • Automatic optimisation tool for road lighting
  • Supports the road lighting standard, EN13201 (2015)
  • Various positioning assistants

Important notes:

  • The program installs itself in parallel with other Relux programs in a new program group called ReluxDesktop
  • All the add-ons are located in the ReluxDesktop program
  • The project formats are forwards and in most cases backwards compatible

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