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Revit family files a success story!
Tested by Autodesk and accurate in lighting engineering terms, Revit family files are available free-of-charge for planners at
What is now the biggest Revit family collection of luminaires, sensors and light sources available anywhere in the world is growing in popularity all the time. Since March 2016, users downloading Revit family files every working day and there is an accelerating trend. That is motivation for our crew to keep on expanding this service.

Did you know that many of the company-specific Revit family files are not accurate in lighting engineering terms and that less light is emitted than in the normal case? Revit does not distinguish between measured 3D geometries and additional bodies. Relux, on the other hand, does make allowance for this situation and has already incorporated the solution in the Revit family files of the Relux members. ReluxNet thus stands for high-level quality.

To ensure that planners do not lose this certainty in the Revit environment, Relux is working on an add-on for Revit. More about that in one of the next newsletters.

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