New Member- Integral LED


We are pleased to present some more new Relux members to you. Some of the data is already available online at

Integral LED

Our Integral LED division has been created to sell and support LED lighting products by building on our 25 years of experience in technology and semiconductor products. An LED chip and the chips used to make memory products are both semiconductors. We are meeting the challenge to create a comprehensive range of well-priced, innovative LED products that perform, saving you energy and money, as well as benefiting the environment.

Our story - one simple aim

With over 100 million products sold through thousands of retailers and resellers in the last few years, a lot of progress has been made since Integral Memory plc started in 1989, with a simple aim of bringing the latest high quality technology products to market at competitive prices. The chances are, you are already using an Integral product at your home or work.

Low cost LED light everywhere

Integral LED is delivering the same simple aim. Our product managers take great care in developing the right LED products for the right application in terms of quality, function and reliability. Technicians at our in-house Light Lab work hard to thoroughly check performance data. Our mission is to have a suitable low-energy LED product wherever there is a need for light.

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