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We are pleased to present some more new Relux members to you. Some of the data is already available online at


  ARTEKO LED is a registered manufacturer of LED lamps and luminaires. It supplies high-grade lighting systems for businesses in the industrial and commercial sector. Its focus is on quality and sustainability. It is possible to achieve savings of up to 90% by installing ARTEKO LED systems.

We manufacture many products in Germany, and in addition to this demanding quality claim, it is the additional services we provide that sets us apart from our competitors.


We provide advice on matters related to lighting and LED technology and deal specifically and in detail with each customer's wishes and requirements.

Lighting concepts:

Depending on the application, we develop LED lighting concepts and visualise them with clear illustrations.

Lighting planning:

We ensure that ARTEKO LED lighting conforms to the current standards and guidelines (in particular the workplace guidelines) and provide our customers with objective documentary proof of the efficiency of the ARTEKO LED systems.

Light laboratory:

ARTEKO operates its own light laboratory and ensures a high quality standard, from which customers derive lasting benefits.

Cost-efficiency computations:

We work out what the saving potential is in each individual case and calculate the return on LED investments.  


BSS LED was founded in 2010 just as the LED light revolution was beginning and has shown what it is capable of through its competent LED industrial luminaires with more than 25 000 products on construction sites all around the world.

Our market-leading product portfolio contains:

  • LED industrial reflector luminaires
  • LED high-bay reflector luminaires
  • LED floodlights
  • Customised LED lighting solutions

All our products can be supplied with an optional integrated PIR and a daylight sensor and deliver three hours of emergency light. We are able to control quality and delivery times thanks to the Osram LEDs and drivers as well as our complete in-house production units, including SMT manufacturing lines, CNC plate processing and powder coating installations.

Third parties in the United Kingdom and Australia test our products to verify their performance in accordance with European and Australian standards.

All BSS LED products are delivered with a comprehensive five-year guarantee and, along with that, a market-leading guarantee covering loss of luminous flux.

SCHÄTTI LEUCHTEN develops lights for the workplace and architecture. Schätti luminaires have clarity of form, are energy-efficient and simple to operate and comply with the latest state of the art for LED lighting systems. All luminaires are designed by the Swiss designer Jörg Boner and are manufactured in Glarus Süd, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. All Schätti luminaires are Swiss Made. The Schätti collection of luminaires all come from a single source. The technical LED designer luminaires have been devised for architecture and solve lighting tasks in the office as well as educational and nursing establishments. Planners and architects assist Schätti from the initial design onwards by providing it with visualisations and sample luminaires. The Schätti luminaire collection has been in existence since 2012 and is one division of the Schätti family business that has been active in Canton Glarus for three generations. Schätti is a product developer with its own versatile and modern production and willing to deal with customers’ wishes individually and in detail.

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