BIM (Building information modeling)


Revit family files on

All products are available as Revit family files in the rfa file format. At present, just about 40% of them contain real 3D geometries. The manufacturers are aware of this situation and are trying to fill this gap. We'll keep you informed of progress.

Tip: If you want to make sure that you only take on products with 3D geometries as rfa files, make sure you set the 3D file filter before you select your products.  

Revit family files on other platforms:

Many rfa files are not suitable for lighting-engineering computations, while the products on ReluxNet® most certainly are. This primarily affect luminaires with a direct/indirect beam, although errors in other types of luminaire cannot be ruled out.

Tip: Should you, nonetheless, wish to perform visualisations with other programs, it is advisable to play safe and to switch off the 3D geometries.  

buildingSMART chapter Switzerland:

Relux is part of the "Task force LOD for Electro". This task force is aiming to have the LOI (level of information) and the LOD (level of development) ready for the BIM community by the end of 2016. The jobs to be done after that will be to coordinate these results with other countries and to make the corresponding extensions to the product database on ReluxNet® for all Relux members. This work is bound to continue until well into 2017, and several factors are going to play a role in this. We'll keep you in the picture.

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